We are happy to officially announce that Palisades Skateboards is rolling out a new Artist Series line with Drew Brophy!

Palisades Skateboards Artwork (c) Drew Brophy

Palisades Skateboards Artwork (c) Drew Brophy

Available in retail stores this month, there are five killer designs to choose from.

When we first started this venture with Palisades, National Sales Manager Kurt Hurley came to our office with some serious eye-candy:  samples of their Rick Rietveld artist series longboards, and we were blown away!  The boards were beautiful.  Their printing capabilities were impressive.  The colors, the quality, everything was just top notch.

And Drew wanted to be a part of (more…)

Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine did a feature on Drew’s painting of one of the Escape Camper Vans.  (Buy your copy here.)

We were stoked about the article, however, they omitted photo credit to Michael R. Foley, who took all of the amazing photos.  So we are giving Mike his credit due right here!


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley

sigg-keith-haring-bottle“Celebrate America”

Collectors’ Series

From SIGG Press Release:


The historical election in the USA has inspired people around the globe, from Switzerland to Swaziland. To recognize the global enthusiasm for the rebirth of the American Dream, Sigg introduced “Celebrate America”, a limited-release collection of six specially designed SIGG bottles.

“The images on the six bottles, with designs by renowned American artists such as Keith Haring and Drew Brophy, celebrate daily life in the United States – from coast to coast, and from the big surf to the open prairies. (more…)

spin-magazine-drew-brophy-copyThe July 2009 SPIN MAGAZINE has a page titled “TOYS OF SUMMER” which includes cameras, watches, shopper bags and a Drew Brophy Surfboard.

The Drew Brophy surfboard painting shown in this magazine is titled “Flying Fish” and was sold for $14,000 in a Surfrider Foundation New York auction. 

This issue of Spin Magazine also has an insightful article on the elusive talent, Prince, and the making of his Purple Rain Movie back in 1984.

The most intriquing trait about Prince was (more…)