Beach Lifestyle Illustration for Brand Promotions

promotional beach lifestyle designs for brand promotions

We do this better than anyone else. 


We specialize in one thing:  we bring authentic, Southern California Surf Culture to your brands, events and products.   This is our focus, 100% of the time, and we LIVE it.  We do it better then anyone else.

When trying to be cool goes wrong:  When it comes to the surf and SoCal lifestyle, hiring the wrong guy (or gal) can be a huge blow to your brand.  The surfing world has intricacies and tacit understandings that only the surfers understand.  When you get that wrong, well, you alienate the very people you were trying to connect with.

We can save you the embarrassment of projecting a kook image.  We live, breathe and know surf and the SoCal lifestyle.  We can make your brand look like you belong.  

Authenticity is hard to display, especially for large, established companies.  The only way to get the trust of people under 40 these days is to be REAL.  That’s where we come in.  We provide the perfect illustration design to give your campaign, product or advertising a true, authentic lifestyle vibe, because we live it.  (See how we have helped our clients:  Case Study Blog Posts)

You don’t have to understand surfing or the beach lifestyle.  We will make sure you portray it accurately, right down to every little detail.

Drew Brophy lives the surfer lifestyle; he’s surfed the biggest wave spots all over the world.  He’s also built a lifetime career upon his unique understanding of the youth market, and how to reach them, through cool illustrations and unique campaigns.

(We helped Los Cabos Tourism increase consumer purchasing by 30%, Wham O Revitalize their Boogie Board sales from so-so to best selling, and Western Digital create a wildly memorable event for CES WD Fan Night, to name a few…)

OUR WORK BEGINS WITH GAINING AN UNDERSTANDING:  Of  who you are trying to reach with your message, product or campaign.

Then, we generate a plan to accomplish that mission.  Next comes the artwork, which is strategically designed for RESULTS.

Drew Brophy is gifted with the ability to understand trends that are on the leading edge; and he’s a genius at taking your message and transforming it into a visual that is easily understood by the public.

If you’re looking for same ‘ol same ol’ computer generated art, then you are barking up the wrong palm tree.

Drew creates everything out of his own vivid imagination (and yours).  He soaks up your intention and your vision for the project, then puts your ideas into sketch form.  Often, even if you don’t know how to explain what you want, Drew will intuitively know.

Then he hand paints the design, old school style.  (This is what gives all of his work a unique, energetic vibe that is nearly impossible to capture by any other method.)

We work with brands as well as advertising and creative agencies to help them meet their artistic needs.  We will provide you with the perfect Beach Lifestyle artwork for:
  • One time promotion to help your brand deeply engage with a youthful audience
  • Packaging / Point of Sale
  • Brand or Product Revitalization
  • Event and Poster Illustrations
  • Advertising Campaigns geared towards action sports minded youth and young adults (read what we did for Togo’s )
  • Bring great attention to your Relaunch
When you work with Drew Brophy on a project, there are three things you can be sure of:
  1. It will create a deep level of engagement between you and your target market;
  2. It will be a unique, vibrant and a fresh idea (he never copies like the other guys);  and
  3. It will make your company look cool!  (And it will be very easy for you)

For examples of some of Drew’s custom illustration artwork, go to his Gallery.


Contact us for a proposal at 949-678-8133 or We look forward to serving you!

“Drew was an absolute pro to work with on this project for K•SWISS. He quickly turned around a range of creative comps that were on-strategy and integrated some great creative insights that nailed the Kona Triathlon lifestyle vibe that K•SWISS was looking for. Working under a very tight timeframe, Drew turned around an amazing Brand Illustration Design, while keeping us informed throughout the process. We not only would highly recommend him, but can’t wait to work with him again.” 
Brad Carraway, Vice President, Brand Strategy, Mile 9 Agency