Drew Brophy

Drew Brophy - Sacred Geometry Let There be Light Abstract Painting Vesica Pisces Art

Ancient Wisdom Influences Modern Art

Drew Brophy is best known for his distinct style of surf art and his highly impactful illustrations for musicians, corporate campaigns and action sports companies.

In recent years, however, Drew Brophy has put his focus to fine art. His works are inspired by his passionate study of mathematics, physics and ancient cultures.

Drew believes that everything in the Universe is made up of light, vibration and energy. His work is a visual representation of energy, impressing light, vibration and energy onto the canvas.

Each painting tells a story of birth and expansion, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, utilizing sacred geometry, ancient symbols and mathematical equations.

Drew’s intention is to allow his paintings to share the message that everything is energy and that we are all connected within our Universe.

Drew Brophy is a professional artist with over twenty five years of experience. His love for surfing and nature is ever present in his art. His lifestyle and artwork inspires others to explore the world and concepts that help us to better understand our place in it.

To view Drew Brophy’s collection of Commercial Illustrations and Fine Art, please visit the online Gallery.

To work with Drew, call or text the studio at 949-678-8133 or email mariab@drewbrophy.com.