Have we Forgotten Something? Ancient Wisdom and Symbols to Remember it By

Have we Forgotten Something? Ancient Wisdom and Symbols to Remember it By

It’s tough to spend most of my life working to be known as a surf artist and then to make a complete change in style and subject matter. 

It’s like starting all over again.  But I’m not afraid of change.


Some of you have followed my work for decades.  Most of you love the ocean and the idea of living a carefree lifestyle, and that’s what pulled you into my work.

I’ve painted surf inspired art for decades and now have transitioned into my new style which incorporates energy, physics and mathematics. 

But if you break down the surf art and the sacred geometry art, it’s actually not very different.

Both depict the awesome energy of nature and the essence of what it means to live a life well lived.  They just show it in different ways.

Many of you are embracing the explorations I’m making but some look at my newer works with confusion.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, I appreciate you sticking by me on this journey.  If I can lead you into some thought provoking ideas, even if you don’t resonate with them, I’ve done my job as an artist.

Below is an article I wrote for Awakenings Magazine this month.  It explains why ancient symbols are a great fascination and why more and more people are diving into their meaning.  I hope you enjoy it.

I would love to hear your take on these ideas – please leave a comment on this blog post with your thoughts – I read every comment and appreciate the feedback.

Life is good – Drew

 Ancient Wisdom-Modern Art:  Thought, Symbols and Concepts by Artist Drew Brophy

Article printed in Awakenings Magazine Feb/March 2017 Issue

There are timeless symbols that we are all familiar with, such as the cross, the Star of David, the vesica pisces and yin and yang.   We see these symbols all the time, yet many don’t know their true meaning.

Many of these symbols originate from a time when people had a deep understanding of the way the Universe works, an understanding that we lost a long time ago.

The symbols that ancient artists created were describing ideas that they understood and wanted us to remember.  But, it seems that over time people lost the true meanings and for the past few thousand years we have been rediscovering the truth.

Archimedes, Pythagoras, Plato, Da Vinci, Newton, Tesla, all were great thinkers who have led us back to discovering our true potential.  I feel as an artist I am at the crossroads where art, math, and science meet.

We tend to think that everyone sees the world as we do, but most are missing the magnificence of what’s happening around us.

I love nature and surfing and this is where my journey began.  I could always sense the subtle energy happening around me, capturing the natural patterns that make up our world.

 A surfer becomes part of the rhythm of the sea, riding waves of energy created by storms that traveled from far across the globe. It is astounding that humans can navigate this massive amount of energy creating an experience that can only be described as pure joy.
Surfing led me to studying meteorology and the science of what makes these magical waves that I love to ride.  I wanted to know more about what influences the weather and began studying solar dynamics and planetary physics, and that’s when I had an AHA moment that changed my view of everything.
The concepts I learned describe forces that we mostly cannot see but that affects matter that we can see every day.  You can call these forces prana, ether, firmament, space, or energy.   The Universe is obviously working in a very organized system.
That led me to studying theoretical physics and as I explored the ideas my artistic mind began to imagine the very difficult concepts being discussed.  It led me to symbols, geometry, and mathematics. These are languages that we use to describe our world and how it works, and they are beautiful.
An Artist’s job is to expose these beautiful ideas and articulate them into a medium which others can understand. 

My paintings are an attempt to understand the information that has been passed down for us.

It is strangely familiar to me.  I’ve become more curious; what can we learn about ancient symbols, geometry, and mathematics, through art?  

Maybe we will remember something mankind once knew and has long forgotten.

I feel we are ready and it is happening.


I’ve created a series of paintings that are inspired by sacred geometry and ancient symbols, view them here.

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  • Jen A
    Posted at 19:12h, 06 May

    My son in New Zealand has sent me link to your short About Page introducing Drew….
    Very interesting – and Drew is surely an interesting man….
    Anyway – the sentence “Drew believes that everything in the Universe is made up of light, vibration, energy” made me laugh – and let me correct you humbly – Drew
    doesn ‘t believe, Drew KNOWS. 😊 How do I know? Because I KNOW. 😄
    And let me add: I KNOW that everything in the Universe is made up with/of LOVE and is LOVE. Drew, you, me….as it’s said in a brilliant newish film Arrival.
    Love is the cure. For anything. With ❤️

  • Bill
    Posted at 07:59h, 22 March

    I see the connection between the sea and universal energy and find your new direction interesting. There is a radical shift in your iconography and color palette which is a difficult quantum jump for some of us to make.

    You’re moving from multi to monochrome and that is the most jarring transition I see. Your new work has depth, your older work seems to move forward in space or so it seems to me.

    The new work has a deep contextual symbolism with concept being all important. The older work has a lighter reference and a personal code of fun, happiness and warmth that has a populist appeal.

    The new is a code of personal meditation and narrows its scope and to a lesser degree it’s popular impact. For a artist your new journey is mystical and intriguing but it does so by sacrificing your earlier territory. I know this is a time of transition for you and I’ll always be a fan whatever direction you take in the future.

  • James
    Posted at 11:24h, 18 March

    After reading this I couldn’t agree more – a lot of us have lost touch with the natural world unfortunately and our past. Thank you for you inspirations and art. I believe knowledge is the key to enlightenment and the more we know learn and appreciate the world and everything in it the better we will be.

    If I could pass you some inspiration I would say if you haven’t already try bee keeping. Surfing was a way of life for me then something happened in my life and I went on a different journey which led me to start bee keeping; it has taught me so much how connected everything is.

    The bees honey comb is a shape we all know it has so many applications in our world. The bees are fascinating, how they work and how they have helped the world.

  • Paul from TN
    Posted at 07:07h, 17 March

    Hey Drew from TN! I still have a couple miniature surfboards with your art hanging from the rear view mirror of my truck (been there at least 10 yrs )
    First time saw your work was on a board in Ocean Beach CA, while visiting my father…anyway, Love your surf art and can respect your decision in moving forward.

    Quantum Physics , Nature , “who is God” have always intrigued me. Danny Carey ( drummer for Tool ) is really into the study as you are , heard he even arranges his drum set into a certain geometric configuration. Some of these things I don’t really delve into ….maybe because im uninformed I know That some people tie it in with Black Magik?….Either way I think You should deff pursue what fuels you and inspires,…(just throw me a surf shack painting in the mix every now and then)…lol…..still think your art is Rad.

  • Em
    Posted at 07:04h, 17 March

    Drew, After reading this I thought of this book that I have been reading to my children, Douglas Wood, Old Turtle and the Broken Truth.

    I agree with you, we are ready for what is happening.

    Infinite Love and Gratitude to you and your family.

  • Lynne
    Posted at 16:49h, 16 March

    Awesome article Drew!
    Thank you for all of your paintings, and your writing. You have such a beautiful way of explaining such abstract concepts.
    I work at an elementary school and for years there has been a tremendous emphasis placed on teaching our students the importance of Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). Well, recently there has been a shift to add “Art” into this emphasis, changing the acronym to STEAM instead.
    Personally, I believe this fantastic. Art is such a valuable way for our children to express their knowledge and abilities. It is awesome that our world is becoming more open to the idea that not everyone has to be good at the old Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.
    Thank you for being such an influence in the area of art.

  • Ron
    Posted at 16:45h, 16 March

    Yes Drew, the signature style is still there. Have you read THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES, by Joseph Campbell. The famous mythologist?

  • Scott
    Posted at 16:45h, 16 March

    You can be both styles of artist. I have many styles
    I work in but I am told all my work bears my imprint and is recognizable as my work. I strongly advise you not to lose the playful youthfulness in your work. Maybe set one style aside for
    Awhile sure… sooner or later past art comes back to you. Once you become connected to
    Surfing you connect to the flow we all share.
    Just like good art… it connects with us if it has the flow but think of Buddha… he always has the
    Grin of a child. I like that you keep the style ff Rick Griffin Alive. I hope you never forget that
    Style. Stay inspired.

  • Alex
    Posted at 16:43h, 16 March

    Thanks for sharing your evolution with us! Very cool to understand how you’re made this transition in your art, and it’s beautiful. So true what you say about art helping us to understand things…whether as the artist or the viewer. Here’s to the universe ever-unfolding!

    Best to you and Maria, Al

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