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How to Thrive as an Artist Lecture
How to Thrive as an Artist Lecture
Photo (c) Nate Phillips, iOutside.co

Drew Brophy’s educational art programs have left a lasting impression on students.

Here’s what a few students at Furman University said when asked,

“What did you learn from Drew Brophy’s “How to Thrive as a Professional Artist” Lecture?

“Drew’s talk really gave me courage to pursue my dreams, which have been depressed by society’s values for years.  He gave me a lot of ideas on how to market my art!”  Ruowei W.

“I learned how I can focus my efforts into choosing what I want out of my life.  I also learned more about the business side of art (copyrights, advances, deposits, money).”  Kimberly G.

“Don’t sell yourself out and don’t worry about what others think.  Be yourself.  Honor your own values.”  James L.

“Next time, please make it a longer presentation.  It was awesome!”  Jason P.

“I learned that being an artist is a job and you can make a living from it.  I really enjoyed hearing that following your dreams is worthwhile!”  Sophia G.

“I learned the importance of setting goals and how they truly help you to succeed.”  Ericka H.

“I now realize the importance of owning your copyrights” Joey Z.

“I want to be a curator, so the business outlook was every helpful for me to think about.  I also learned about how licensing works.”  Jordan D.

“I learned never to doubt myself.  I’d love to see you sponsor talented kids at universities!”  Eva K.

“It really pays to follow your heart.  If you’re unsure of exactly where you want to end up, follow your joy.”  Emilie H.

“Do only what matches your personal values. ”  Ben R.

“I learned that a business mind is important no matter what field one is in.  Also, that the world needs more artistic people!”  Cassandra C.

“Get a deposit of money up front for commissioned work!”  Sophie Amberkar

“Do what you love, decide what you want, and set goals for yourself.”  Kathryn C.

Thanks to Nate Phillps of iOutside.Co, for permission to use the photo above!