Drew Brophy and his art has been featured in hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers and on TV, radio and other forms of media.

Below is a list of the highlights:

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SELECTED – PUBLISHED BOOKS in which Drew Brophy’s art work is featured



PAINTING SURFBOARDS AND CHASING WAVES written by Drew Brophy and Maria Brophy

Surfing South Carolina written by Lilla Folsom

  Dec 2013 365 Surfboards written by Ben Marcus, published by MVP Publishing
wild art book by phaidon press 2013 WILD ART by Phaidon Press
Release TBA Waves by Jared Chandler
2010 Surf Graphics by Ian Parliament
2011 Inside the World of Board Graphics – by Robynne Raye and Michael Strassburger
2010 Tiki Mugs – Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop – by Jay Strongman
(this was #1 on Amazon for Pop Culture & beat out Mattel’s Barbies 50th anniversary)
2010 How to Draw with Drew Brophy – Published by Walter Foster Publishing
2009 Surf Story Project – by Robb Havassey
2008 Toys for Kids – by Fusion Publishing
2007 Today’s Top Surfboards – by Rod Sumter
2007 The Surfboard – by Ben Marcus (Drew’s art on the hard cover)
2007 Surfboards – by Guy Motil
2006 Pipeline Masters – by Vans
2005 Art for the Oceans – by Surfrider Foundation
2001 The Golden Voice of Ladyfish – Children’s book by Nooshin Zardinijad – Drew illustrated the book

TELEVISION SHOWS which have featured Drew:

March 2014 TRU TV CONTAINER WARS Episode Features Drew Brophy, his studio and a Surfboard Painting
June 2013 DIY Network TV Show Featuring Drew Brophy/Aerial 7 DIY Paint your own Headphones
 2012  Dec. 14, 2012 – Featured the Drew Brophy/Aerial 7 Collaboration DIY Headphones
2012 Carolina TV LIVE! Channel 15 With news Anchor Lisa Edge – Features Drew Brophy in “From Hobby to Career
2012 THE BILLABONG XXL GLOBAL BIG WAVE AWARDS– Drew was one of the un-nominated big wave surfers featured in the slide show.
2011 The Paint Shop with Drew Brophy TV show –
2010 Beach Town – Drew painted a pair of shoes for show host – Producer/Director Brian ILL
2009 How to Paint Series with Drew Brophy on SURFINE
2009 Wedding Day –Drew was part of story,painting for bride & Groom-TBS / Mark Burnett Production
2008 Interview with Drew and Maria Brophy – on Cox Channel 38
2008 Documentary about Drew Brophy – by Naz Namani
2007 Channel 7 New York – interview about Paddle around Manhattan
2007 E-Encore! – interview with Drew
2006 Gallery HD Artland Feature Film – interview & live painting on UK show
2005 Action Figures TV – Tour of Drew’s studio/interview
2005 Planet X TV – Interview at Drew’s Sea Monster Ball Art Show
2000 Surf Channel TV Network – interview

SELECTED – MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS that Drew’s been featured in

(“full feature” means interview or editorial and full photos of artwork & artist)

Aug 2018

Jan 2016

Professional Artist Magazine 

STANDUP PADDLE Magazine 4-page Full Feature titled Painted Road Trips; Adventures in the Dream Machine PDF Here: Stand Up Paddle Magazine Article on Drew Brophy Jan 2016

Summer 2015 ARTISTS & MAKERS Magazine 6-page Full Feature about Drew and Maria Brophy’s art business
Winter 2013 Standup Journal Magazine  2-Page Spread of Drew surfing a BIG wave in Puerto Escondido
Oct 23, 2013 WALL STREET JOURNAL , Printed, Page 2 / Online 
Summer 2013 Standup Paddle Magazine Full Feature (8 Pages!) interview and photos  VOLUME 5 / NUMBER 4 / 2013
Summer 2013 SUP Magazine Full page feature interview and photo
April 2013 The Wake Journal Featured 1999 The Trip Design by Drew 
March 2013 Orange County Register Newspaper -Full feature by Dave Bro
Feb 2013 Sun Post News – “Making Industrial Beautiful” photo of Drew & Mural on his studio
Jan 2013 Sun Post News – Full page color photo feature “5 Questions w/ Drew Brophy”
Dec 2012 3 Dot Magazine – Drew on Cover and interview on the surf/art lifestyle
Dec 2012 Grand Strand Magazine – Full Feature on Drew’s mural painting downtown Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Nov 2012 SURFER’S JOURNAL Expedition Report; Oct/Nov Volume 21.5 (featured Grand Canyon record-breaking SUP Expedition)
Sept 2012 The Myrtle Beach Herald – Cover of Sept. 14, 2012 newspaper – full story on Drew Brophy art career, Lulu’s Mural
March 2012 Stand Up Journal Magazine – Drew’s 225 mile Colorado River trek
Jan 2012 Standup Paddle Magazine – 6 page spread of Drew’s whitewater adventure down Co River
Winter 2011 Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios MagazineFull feature on Drew in his Studio
July 25, 2011 OC Register News – COVER feature and photo of Drew & Colorado trip
April 2011 SC Times News – COVER art of Drew’s Panhe Painting (for Earth Day Feature)
April 2010 OC Register Business Section – Article on Drew’s Converse License
March 2011 So Cal Magazine – Drew’s painting on COVER
Dec 2010 Airbrush Technique Magazine – COVER and feature
June 2010 Juxtapoz Magazine – Review of How to Draw with Drew Brophy book
Sept 2009 Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics MagazineFull Feature on Drew’s painted vans
July 2009 SPIN Magazine – Drew’s surfboard paintings
June 2009 PLAYBOY MAGAZINE – “Best Things of Summer” article – Drew’s painted surfboards
March 2009 Capistrano Life Magazine – Drew’s art on COVER
May 2009 Orange Coast Magazine – Multi page article/full feature photos of art
August 2008 Art Business News Magazine – Article about sports artists/Drew’s paintings featured
August 2008 Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Mag – COVER w/Drew’s Surfboards & multi page spread
August 2008 Juxtapoz Magazine – Review of Drew’s Paint Pen Techniques DVD
August 2008 Automatic Magazine – Review of Drew’s Paint Pen Techniques DVD
January 2008 What a Duck! Mag – Full feature
Summer 2008 Surf Shot Magazine – Full feature
June 2008 Royalties Magazine – COVER of Drew’s 3-surfboard mural painting
March 2008 License! Magazine – mention of Tiki bath set by Drew
August  2007 Line Up Magazine – Full feature
December 2007 STAB Magazine (Australia) – Full feature
June 2007 Longboard Magazine – COVER art of Drew’s Pure Joy Painting
May 2007 Royalties Magazine – Full feature
July 2006 Time Out New York Weekly – Drew’s painting on surfboards
July 2006 GIRLAND (Italian Magazine) – Showcasing Drew’s art
June 2006 The Licensing Book Mag – article on Drew’s surf lifestyle art
June 2006 Grand Strand Magazine – Full feature
May 2006 TIDE Magazine (Germany) – Full feature
August 2005 Surfer’s Path Magazine – Feature on Drew’s Sea Monster Ball Art Show
August 2005 DIGIT Magazine – Full feature
December 2005 Extremo Surf Mag– Full feature
May 2005 Atlantic City Weekly Newspaper – Drew’s art on COVER
May 2005 Tattoo Burst Mag – Full feature
October 2005 Odyssey Mag – Full feature
September 2005 Surfer Magazine – Mention of Sea Monster Ball event
Winter 2004 San Clemente Journal Mag – Photo of Drew & Art
June 2004 Surfing Magazine – COVER of mag –Drew’s hand painted surfboard & inside article
June 2003 Signs of the Times Magazine – Surfboard feature of Drew’s work
May 2003 ESM Magazine – Full feature
March 2003 Cal Magazine – Full feature
Feb 25, 2003 Sun Post News – COVER photo of Drew painting
September 2003 Surf News Magazine – Full feature
September 2002 Coast Magazine – COVER of Drew’s art & article
June 14, 2002 LA TIMES News – Drew & Dylan photo in article about San Clemente changing
May 2, 2002 OC Weekly – Article about Drew’s Art Show
November  2001 Burn Out Magazine – Review of Drew’s Laguna Beach Art Show
June 2000 Surfer Magazine – Two page spread of Drew surfing a HUGE Pipeline Wave
December 2, 1999 Star Bulletin, Hawaii – Article on Drew’s surfboard invention with headlight