My promise to my Clients

Drew Brophy Painting in Studio Summer 2011 Photo (c) David MacomberWhether I’m painting a mural, a series of commissioned paintings or giving an artist lecture, I always follow these rules that I created for myself, to ensure that every person I work with is happy in the end (see my Testimonials Page for words from past clients)

My Promise to my Clients:

  1. I will behave a like a professional: I will always provide you, in writing, details on payment requirements and I will show exactly what my price includes.  That way, you are never surprised.
  2. I will be extremely organized:  On the larger projects (such as promotion campaigns, murals and large scale projects):  I map out what I plan to accomplish each day.  In advance, I will have it planned as to exactly how many days the project will take to complete.  (It may not be exact, but close.)
  3. I will be an excellent communicator: Regularly, I will give you a rundown of what you can expect will happen in a given day or week.  I will take photos and e-mail progression photos to you.
  4. I will Stay on Track and be Efficient: Every day that I am working on your project, is a day that your project isn’t yet complete.  It’s my goal to stay on track with my plan and if ever I am running behind, I will make it up by starting earlier and working later.
  5. I will keep problems to myself: If a challenge pops up, you most likely won’t even know about it.  I will solve it myself so that your experience is worry free.
  6. I will do my best work but won’t take forever: There’s a fine line between doing quality work and spending too much time on a project.  Time is money, not just for me but for you, my client.  I promise to be as efficient as possible.
  7. I won’t Leave a Trace:  (Applies to Murals/Events)  That I have been at the location. I promise to clean up after the project is over, so that the only thing I’ve left behind is a beautiful painting and great memories.
  8. You will want to work with me again! I appreciate your business.  I promise to make it so that you always want to work with me, again and again.