Painting Story – ESSENCE OF LIFE and the Light Body Energy

Painting Story – ESSENCE OF LIFE and the Light Body Energy

Essence Of Life by Drew Brophy Nov 2013ESSENCE OF LIFE original painting, medium paint pens on canvas, sized 18″ x 24″.

This was a commissioned piece for a collector named Daniel C. in Cocoa Beach, FL.

He asked for something “zen-like.”

So I started the painting, and partway through Maria asked, confused, “Who’s painting is that?”

And I said “It’s Daniel’s from Cocoa Beach.”

She objected, saying “That’s not Zen!”  I think she expected a Buddha and lotus flowers.

Though this wasn’t Maria’s idea of Zen, it was mine.

The meaning behind ESSENCE OF LIFE is this:

We all came to earth to love and experience life.  At the end of this life your earthly body releases your true self, the Light Body.

The Light Body is pure energy; it can never be created or destroyed, just transformed.

That, to me, is Zen.

Life is good,

DrewDrew Brophy painting the Essence of Life painting Nov 2013

PS:  You can commission your own painting from me – email and ask for a price sheet and sizes!


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  • Jenny
    Posted at 17:16h, 21 March

    Zen to me is embracing my Light Being in the midst of my 3D existence, so that I have unity of these two aspects of myself. This balance brings blissful peace, which in turn manifests abundance, as I make the most of every blended moment. It is the secret to my Heaven here on earth.

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