Painting Story – SUNRISE in South Africa and our True Gift

Painting Story – SUNRISE in South Africa and our True Gift

SUNRISE in South Africa As an Artist, people often ask me where I get my inspiration from.

Most all of my painting inspiration comes from nature and life.

Being a surfer and a traveler takes me to some of the most amazing places on earth. These experiences in my life are real and authentic, they become part of my story.

Art is so much more than painting pretty pictures, it is a different way of thinking and looking at the world.

It is raw creativity and wonder. Art is the ability to articulate an idea, feeling, or story, to others.

Here is a story about the SUNRISE painting I did after a surf trip to the other side of the world:

During a trip to South Africa, on the beautiful beach of Jeffery’s Bay, where the ocean is full of life and the waves seem to peel forever, I was inspired to paint the sunrise.

One morning before dawn, after the coldest night of the year, I awoke to be the first to ride one of these magical waves. Standing in the dark, shivering in my wet-suit, I used my surfboard to block the icy winds. The crashing waves kept me company but I could not see them in the darkness.  Above me, millions of stars illustrated the vastness of the universe.

As my mind began to wander, I felt cold and alone, as if I was nowhere in time or space,  just another soul or spec of light in the night sky so far from each other.

Finally a tiny faint glow in the distance caught my eye, it steadily grew larger with every second and in a sudden burst, a tremendous wave of light raced across the sky.  In a fraction of second it erased the darkness and the millions of stars. I instantly felt the warmth of the light as the wave illuminated me. I embraced it and basked in it, it felt like God’s warm hands on my face.

I was no longer alone, a new day had been born, the endless waves and our beautiful world came into view.  This is our true gift, every single day.

The earth is our mother.
The sun is our father.
The ocean is where I was born and feel most at home, it calls to me.
I am a Son of the Sea.

Life is Good,


PS:  Now Sunrise is available on stickers, so you can take it with you anywhere you go – check it out in my Store.

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  • Jennifer
    Posted at 12:13h, 08 March

    So happy that the Universe saw fit to bring Maria and you into my life. You both have had a tremendous impact on me, and you probably don’t know it. I am in a wonderful time of transition where I am just “waking up” to the creative energy and life force that is available to us all.

    NOW I’m freaking out over all the beautiful images I’ve been seeing of twin flames, chakras, sacred geometry, lotus blossoms, all the 5D stuff… I cannot wait to explore.

    Thank you for shining a light to those who are adrift.

  • Corey
    Posted at 12:11h, 08 March

    Just wanted to say how much I love your art work… man it is amazing what you do… Very very Cool!!

    I have 4 of your paper prints so far and 2 of them I have had framed… looking at buying some more when I have the funds to do so…

    I’m a big fan and it is cool to be in the loop with Drew News.


    Corey from NZ

  • Maria Brophy
    Posted at 11:00h, 08 February

    Dear Clint,

    So glad you read my blog! And, thanks for your comment here on Drew’s. He loved South Africa so much, he’s been planning to take me and our son there one day. We will look you up when we come!

  • Clint
    Posted at 02:27h, 18 January

    Hi Drew,

    I follow your wifes blog, and her great encrougement to fellow artists like myself! I have also been following your career for a number of years, and have gained allot from your thoughts and work!

    I live in South Africa, Cape Town, and go once a year to J-Bay to bask in it’s wave glory. I can totally relate to your experience over their! I am actually getting goosebumps as I type this!

    Hope to see you and your family back here one day, and maybe we can catch a session together. Keep up the good work.


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