PAINTING THE GOOD LIFE: SC Times Captures Dream Lifestyle

PAINTING THE GOOD LIFE: SC Times Captures Dream Lifestyle


Photo by Michael R Foley

I envision a place where people can live together more pleasantly than in any other place in America.” Ole Hansen, Founder of San Clemente.

Imagine a place where most people who live there are truly stoked on life.  Happy, beautiful women surf and enjoy yoga.  Young fathers ride alongside their kids on bikes to school in the mornings.  The world’s best waves and beaches are a stones-throw outside your door.  The climate is perfect, and people are friendly and kind.

Such a place does exist; it’s called San Clemente, and it’s been our home for 15 years.

San Clemente is an unusual hub for creativity, athletics and good living. It’s home to Surfer Magazine, famed skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and iconic artists such as Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Rick Griffin.  Some of the best surfers in the world and other talented, interesting people live in this little surfing town by the sea.

Capturing the essence of San Clemente is difficult, since the life we live here is almost unbelievable to outsiders.  But the local newspaper, SC Times, is known for very accurately reflecting the unique lifestyle of the people who live here.

Recently we got a call from Andrea Swayne and Rob Elseewi of SC Times.  Rob came and filmed Drew at work in the studio.  It ended up being an entire day of Drew and Rob hanging out, surfing together, talking art and surfing and life.

Rob put together an incredible 20 minutes of footage that so perfectly captured the life of a surfing, traveling artist.  You have to watch it – it’s very well done:

Andrea Swayne also wrote an article on Drew called PAINTING THE GOOD LIFE .  Here’s part of the article:

When Drew Brophy was a kid, he was a doodler. At the age of four, he painted his name on his very first surfboard and from then on, his love for both has been an integral part of his life. Growing up, he would doodle waves, dragons, flames and other cool stuff on his surfboards, skateboards and pretty much everything he could get his hands on, including his Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. They are, after all, a canvas of sorts.

Brophy recalls that his friends clamored to have him draw on their shoes as well. What could be better than Chuck Taylors made better with original art? Fast forward to the present—about three years ago Converse sponsored Brophy’s… CLICK TO READ THE RESTSan Clemente Times – Painting the Good Life

Here’s an older article from 2006 that SC Times did on Drew (It’s fun to look back and read these!) DREW REDRAWN by Kaerie Ray.

PHOTO CREDIT:  By San Clemente Photographer Michael R. Foley

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  • MArcello Lopes
    Posted at 07:41h, 24 July

    Olá, gostaria de receber seu DVD aqui no Brasil, más não encontro em lugar nenhum !!
    Como faço, amo seus desenhos e por eles descobri a minha arte! Se puder me ajudar, agradeço!!
    Obrigado , boas ondas e parabens !

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