Tag Heuer Surfboard painted by Drew Brophy, for South Coast Plaza Retail Location


WHEN:  July 2021

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  Design a painting on a fine art surfboard for Tag Heuer’s first California retail store in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA.  Paint it LIVE during their grand opening V.I.P. event with their special guest, surfer Kai Lenny.  Celebrate the store opening and the Tag Heuer Surf Watch.  The painting should capture the lifestyle of surfing and the brand, incorporating their surfing brand ambassador Kai Lenny.

Drew Brophy says:  “I incorporated many disciplines into this surfboard painting.  This special piece was hand-made by shaper Chris Christenson and hand painted using mixed media by Drew.  Kai even added a little paint to it during the live event.

RESULTS:  A memorable live painting event at the grand opening and an iconic art piece that now is proudly displayed on the wall at the Tag Heuer Costa Mesa, CA store.  

Here’s a video capturing the essence of the event: