A mural can be defined as “distinguished pieces of art that are directly painted or applied to a wall or large permanent surface.”  A mural is also a way for a person, company or town to give insight into the uniqueness of their own culture.

Drew Brophy has painted dozens of murals, bringing to life the vision of the client.   He has painted interior and exterior spaces, transforming many into beautiful photo spots, a place that visitors “must see”.

Drew uses various mediums for his murals, including Mtn94 Spray Paint, airbrush, paint pen and acrylics.  Some projects call for a graffiti-style mural painting, while others require a more traditional approach.  No matter how it’s done, the painting is bright, full of energy and will complete your space!

Below are just a few examples.  For a price quote on your next mural project, email

LINKS Big Wave MURAL FINISHED FAUX by Drew Brophy July 2010 011
Links Mural, Costa Mesa, CA
36′ Interior Mural

Yogurt Wave Mural, Costa Mesa, CA
46′ Interior Wall (this photo shows only 1/4th of the painting)

North Shore Systems Mural, San Clemente, CA
36′ x 15′ Interior Wall

Lulu's Mural on Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach
Lulu’s Mural on Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
61′ x 16′ Exterior Mural

Pipeline Catering Utah
Pipeline Catering Mural, Salt Lake City, Utah
53′ Exterior Mural on Trailer