Sigg Water Bottle

surfin-usa-sigg-water-bottlCOOL ART ON THE OUTSIDE, SWISS QUALITY ON THE INSIDE!  This .6 liter reusable water bottle features SIGGs exclusive liner that will not leach any harmful metals or chemicals into your beverage. You drink pure when you drink from SIGG!

Why buy a Sigg Bottle?   It’s healthy for you, and your world.

Everyone knows that drinking out of plastic water bottles is bad for you – the water leaches chemicals out of the plastic.

But did you know that Americans drink more bottled water per capita than any nation in the world? And we send 100 million plastic bottles into our landfills… EVERY DAY!

Drink from a Sigg bottle – save money, your health and stop putting plastic into landfills.

(You don’t have to drink from Drew’s water bottle, but we’d be stoked if you did!)

This is a limited edition run, and they are running out FAST!  We have about 2 dozen left and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.