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GONE SURFING Limited Run Tee


Over the years, we have gotten many, many requests for Drew’s art on t-shirts.  And quite honestly, I had been putting it off for a long time, even though Drew wanted to do it.

I held back because it used to be that you had to print large quantities, which was a big investment, for a top quality tee.

But now, the printing processes are so advanced!  We now are able to print on QUALITY t-shirt blanks, in smaller quantities, so we can offer many designs.

WHY COLLECTIBLE?  A lot of Drew’s fans want collectible items, where they are one of a few people who own it.  So, we decided to create designs that are only available for 8 weeks at a time; this way, the tees would be collectible.  

The t-shirt blanks we use are super-soft, made of 100% cotton and fitted so they look really good on you.   Everyone loves them!

Dreamland Drew Brophy T Shirt

Dreamland T shirt available in 4-pack

Our first collection, THE SURFING COLLECTION, was available ONLY UNTIL SEPT.13th, but don’t despair – you can still get them in a 4-pack.

In our first 3 days of getting the word out about these collectible tees, we sold over 30 t-shirts!  (That’s a lot for a small company like ours.)

The newest, BIG WAVE COLLECTION, will be available through November 15.

You can order your collectible t-shirts now at   (And thank you if you do – we appreciate your support of our business!)

What’s your opinion of us limiting the print runs and time available?  Do you think it will make Drew’s collectors happy to know that only a small number of people will have these t-shirts?

Let us know what you think in the comments, please!  We would love to hear your feedback.




Year-book-cover-free-surf-art-(c) drew-brophyRecently several yearbook committees called me, asking if they can use my art to have printed on the cover of their book for 2012/2013.

Of course, I said yes.

Then I got a great idea:

Why not make it available to anyone?!

So here’s the deal:

If you like my art and want to have it printed on the cover of your yearbook, you can use it for free!

I’ll send your school the hi-res image of the art you choose, in a photoshop (pdf) file.

At this time, there are four images to choose from.  (Next year I’ll add new ones.)

Get your free Yearbook Cover Art in 3 Easy Steps:

1.  Choose the image you wish to use (see the 4 art pieces to choose from, below)

2.  Download and Print out the Drew Brophy Yearbook Cover Art License Agreement, indicate the name of the image you choose, have someone at the school sign the Agreement, then email it to me at

3.  Within 72 hours I’ll email you the hi-res Photoshop File art for your yearbook cover.  (You can then have your graphic department size it and drop in your school name and logo.)

If you can, I’d love to have space for an advertisement in your yearbook.  Let me know.  (This is a request, not a requirement.)

Questions?  Email or call 949-678-8133.

Life is Good,




Tree of Life (c) Drew Brophy

Sunrise-year-book-cover-Art (c) drew-brophy

SUNRISE (c) Drew Brophy

Kids-Beach-year-book-cover-Art (c) drew-brophy

KID’S BEACH (c) Drew Brophy

Walters-Wave-year-book-cover-Art (c) Drew-Brophy

WALTERS WAVE (c) Drew Brophy


orange-coast-mag-may-09-wpThanks to Jason Wallis, a photographer and surfer transplanted from New Zealand, some of the local Orange County Surf Artists got full page press with Orange Coast Magazine’s May 2009 Issue.

Artists shown in this photographic surf art feature include Rob Havassey, Drew Brophy, Ed Templeton, Rick Rietveld and Phil Roberts.

The artists were photographed by Jason Wallis on their own turf, and then given a copy of their photo to have their artistic way with it.  It’s interesting to see what each artist did with their own photo……

orange-coast-mag-may-issueYou can pick up a copy of the Orange Coast Magazine’s May issue on newstands now!

Last Year's Craft Expo

Last Year's Craft Expo

A “SURF EXPO” FOR YOU! Open to the public, the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo is being held in the Wyland Exhibit Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, CA. on October 11 & 12, 2008. There will be a lot of interesting exhibits to explore.

PAINTING SEMINAR WITH DREW: SUNDAY, OCT. 12, FROM 2-3 P.M. Drew will demonstrate paint pen techniques and answer all your questions. He’ll also give out some stickers & posters!