Tanner Gudauskas Surfs to Iron Maiden

Tanner Gudauskas Surfs to Iron Maiden

Tanner Gudauskas - Iron Maiden Surfboard Art by Drew BrophyProfessional Surfer Tanner Gudauskas called and wanted Drew to paint Eddie from Iron Maiden onto one of his surfboards.  Being a big Iron Maiden fan himself, Drew was stoked to do it.

I had never met Tanner, though Drew’s always talked about the Gudauskas family and how talented and cool they are.  The three Gudauskas brothers, Tanner, Patrick and Dane are all excellent surfers, and they have parents that seem to fully support them in everything they do.

When Tanner came into the office, I got to meet him for the first time.  And I realized what makes this guy so likable – he’s a ball of positive energy, smiling big, very happy, just stoked on life!  Being around someone like that, even for a few minutes, tends to rub off on you and when he left our office, I was energized with those positive vibes!

Here’s the progression of the board painting.  Drew cranked up Iron Maiden the entire time he painted it, which drove me crazy.  I finally made him put on his headphones so I could think without heavy metal blaring.

When the painting was done,

I thought how strange it was for such nice guy like Tanner to want something so GNARLY on his board!  But, I guess even really nice guys have some skeletons in their closets…..

Keep an eye out for Tanner – he’s a San Clemente surfer that’s definitely destined to go somewhere big with his surfing.  And he can throw some huge airs.

Life Is Good! – Maria

Tanner Gudauskas Iron Maiden Surfboard Tanner Gudauskas Iron Maiden Surfboard Tanner Gudauskas Frontside Air

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  • james
    Posted at 14:12h, 26 February

    Cool boardshorts I want some like that

  • J Johnson
    Posted at 07:18h, 25 April

    That’s some awesome work! Its kind of ruined by having the mixed images of Eddie wearing a British uniform but waving the Stars and Stripes though. lol

  • Rod Tomlinson
    Posted at 06:28h, 12 August

    That board came out SO SICK Drew. On a related note, I went to Iron Maiden last summer with a big crew, and saw Tanner there…he came SOLO even because he was so stoked on them being here. Its a trip, because I remember seeing them in 1989, when I was Tanner’s age, and being psyched on them. Best, RT

  • mitch Bowman
    Posted at 06:44h, 11 August

    My sister and I both graduated Myrtle Beach High I did in 79, I guess I’m more familar with your brothers since I believe I am older. But we have been following your web site and your art for a whie now. And I must say as a fellow surfer it is awesome. I hope the three of you continue to be blessed and I just wanted to shout out a hello to you all. I am in Atlanta and hope when you visit the east coast again you will post it so we might see your work live..

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