Original Art

Drew Brophy’s Art Store.” href=”https://drewbrophy.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/abstract-water-paintings-for-ocean-institute-drew-brophy.jpg”>abstract-water-paintings-for-ocean-institute-drew-brophy
Artist Statement: My paintings begin with ideas inspired directly from surfing, the sun and the ocean.  I create my ideas with loose sketches, and that’s where I discover the best composition and design.  Then I visualize the finished painting in my mind.
I’m a fast painter, so I enjoy working with paint-pens, sprays and acrylics because they allow me to move quickly on the canvas.

People are most drawn to my vibrant colors and the playful energy in my paintings.  I strive to create movement and energy in my work.  I am inspired by nature; the waves, wind and the entire earth.  My paintings reflect my love for these things.  Life is Good…. Drew

Commissioned pieces:  Pricing starts at $2.50 per square inch (min 400 s.i.).  Contact info@drewbrophy.com or call 949-354-ART1.