Pipeline Wall Mural Commissioned by North Shore Systems

Drew & Heather painting a wall muralDrew was commissioned by North Shore Systems to paint a 36′ wall scene of Pipeline, one of Drew’s favorite surf spots on the North Shore of Hawaii.  Heather Ritts, fellow San Clemente artist, is helping.  It should take about 5 days to paint.

Preparation:  Meeting with the owner & talking about what he wanted, then there was a series of sketches, and once the final sketch was approved, then the work on site began.  Day 1:  Prepping the wall (cleaning up any holes, smoothing out the surface, etc.)  Day 2:  Draw the grid on the wall and apply the background colors.  Day 3:  Check back for the next post!  Here are photos of the first 2 days progression:

Drew Brophy against one large wall muralDrew Brophy sketches a mural paintingDrew Brophy sketches a mural painting

drew-heather-painting-in-unisonDrew Brophy North Shore Wall MuralDrew Brophy with a bucket of paint

Drew Brophy North Shore Wall MuralNorth Shore wall mural by Drew Brophy

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During the last decade, acting as agent and brand manager, Maria has successfully built Drew Brophy’s lifestyle artist brand through licensing and special projects.

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  1. i like that..its fantastic!

  2. Sweet! I gotta see this – great job Drew & Heather!

  3. Regina Brown says:

    Ohhh!!! I want one of those so bad!! I love it!!! Talent dude, major talent!

  4. Paul Cotten says:

    Awsome job. cant wait to see it finished.

  5. Wicked job guys that is great how cool to get the wall space! wanna come do my houde no just kidding I rent! Right on! Can’t wait to see finished piece!

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