20 Pieces 20 Days – 1111 – Day 10

20 Pieces 20 Days – 1111 – Day 10

1111 Painting by Drew Brophy Sept 2013FOR THE NEXT 20 DAYS, I’M CREATING 20 ORIGINAL ART PIECES that reflect my thought process and where my ideas originate from.    TODAY IS DAY 10 – I’M HALFWAY THERE!

I’m painting from the heart, just having fun with it.  You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

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Today’s Painting is the 10th of 20 in this #20×20 Series, titled 1111,  11″ x 14″ on Canvas board, medium Uni Poscas Paint Pens.

For the past few years I’ve been seeing number 11:11 constantly.  I’ll just look down at my clock, and it will read 11:11, or I’ll see it in something else.

Some say that 11:11 is a Master number and that seeing it frequently creates synchronicities in your life.  Seeing it reminds me to pay attention and enjoy the simple things in life.

This is a rich man in the painting; he’s free to dream on the beach without a care in the world.  Focus on what is important, what is real, change is coming.

Life is Good,


This painting sold yesterday (sight unseen) to Jason L. in Canada.

If you wanted this one but missed it, and you want to consider the next #20×20 painting, email info @ drew brophy dot com and we will put you on the “#20X20 PAINTING PREVIEW” list, in line for the next one.

WHEN EMAILING to BUY ANY OF MY #20X20 PAINTINGS:  email info @ drew brophy dot com immediately with your  phone#, shipping address preferred payment method (Paypal or credit card).  We will need payment within 4 hours of your email, or the painting goes to the next person in line.  Thanks!
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  • Tony R.
    Posted at 18:57h, 27 September

    I have been seeing 11:11 as well for quite some years now. This occurs when one is attuned, and is is being shown signs. It is a sign of Awakening. The awakening of a greater consciousness that is dawning among humankind for those who are on their way to divine realization.

    The Mayan calendar, 2012 etc. | Crop Circles | UFO Sightings | Strange occurrences happening all around the planet and many other things. All of these occurrences are interconnected… & this is a continuous astrological cycle.

    If you look deep within yourself, deep at the nature of reality/consciousness/mind/being – you shall see and come to know that the Almighty exists within you. Within your very own Being. You are One with the Cosmic Creator. You are an aspect of God. This dawning of awakening is Happening to many beings, just like yourselves on this planet. Research with a steadfast mind/heart. Study Astronomy, Ancient Cultures (Mayan, Olmec, Toltec) – Shamanism, Look into Astrological Cycles, Mind-Expansion, Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Qabbālâ. Research Esoteric/Gnostic Teachings. Inquire about The 3rd Eye, The Pineal Gland & The Chakra systems in your body. Many ancient cultures that have gone before us have spoken about the Pineal Gland (3rd Eye) … the Egyptians for example.

    I recommend research in how to De-calcify your pineal gland (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) Go within, meditate (if you so desire). Get in tune with this Universal Force-The Eternal Vibratory Light & you will come to this Realization. Peace ॐ | Recommended: http://www.amazon.com/…/dp/0452297974/ref=sr_1_1…

  • Wayne Lewis
    Posted at 18:55h, 27 September

    Drew. Please bear with me as I write this post. First of all, thank you for sharing your amazing work. I was introduced to your work by a very good friend of mine, Nik, about a year or so ago and I’ve been hooked since.

    Sometime ago I posted asking if you would design a tattoo for me, and one of your fans replied that you do not and that he had a similar style to yours and would be glad to do.

    Here’s my description to him of my idea…. ‘Hi ****. Here’s an idea for a tattoo if you’re still interested. The theme is ‘Time and Tide Waits for No Man…’ My idea is of a shadow man (or a shadow of a man), standing on the beach watching the sun on the horizon as a wave is coming in and pulling the tide out, but I would like to have a timepiece somewhere in the picture, maybe in the clouds, sand or hidden in the rays of the sun.

    That’s my idea. Sorry it took so long but I just had this idea in my head and couldn’t get it out. Thanks’. I sent that to him late last year and unfortunately nothing came of it. But the idea stayed with me.

    I’ve even thought of presenting this idea to you directly, as recent as last week, but kept putting it off. And here’s the point of this post now…

    I was completely shocked when I saw your 1111 painting. I mean jaw-dropping, speechlessly shocked. It’s like you went into my head and pulled my idea out and made it even better.

    Even now I’m still amazed at this piece. I would still like to have a tattoo themed by you, and I have no intentions of taking your work and get it done. And why the theme Time & Tide Waits for No Man is so important to me, is that it’s something my Grandmother said to me last year and I can’t get it out of my head. Thank you and very sorry to the long long read..

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