20 Pieces 20 Days – THE KEY IS TO LISTEN – Day 9

20 Pieces 20 Days – THE KEY IS TO LISTEN – Day 9

THE KEY IS TO LISTEN Painting number 9 of 20x20 by Drew Brophy sized 11x14 Sept 25 2013FOR THE NEXT 20 DAYS, I’M CREATING 20 ORIGINAL ART PIECES that reflect my thought process and where my ideas originate from.  

I’m painting from the heart, just having fun with it.  You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

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Today’s Painting is the 9th of 20 in this #20×20 Series, titled THE KEY IS TO LISTEN,  11″ x 14″ on Canvas board, medium Uni Poscas Paint Pens.

This is about the idea of being connected to the world and the Universe and all things in it.  By listening, I don’t mean with your ears or seeing with your eyes.   I mean being connected in a way that the human race has forgotten.

I feel that everything is alive, full of energy and in some ways if we could just learn to tap into it, we would be able to understand much more.   And with that understanding comes clarity about what’s really important in life.

Too many people are so pre-occupied with things in the fake world that they detach from the natural world.

As an artist and a surfer, I want to tap into the energy of the natural world.  I’ve learned to listen and notice the subtleties and I’m getting better at it.  The more I tap out of the fake world, the more in tuned to the natural world I become.

Life is Good,  Drew

This painting sold to Pam G. in South Carolina, who celebrated her birthday today by adding this to her art collection!

If you wanted this one but missed it, and you want to consider the next #20×20 painting, email info @ drew brophy dot com and we will put you on the “#20X20 PAINTING PREVIEW” list, in line for the next one.

WHEN EMAILING to BUY ANY OF MY #20X20 PAINTINGS:  email info @ drew brophy dot com immediately with your  phone#, shipping address preferred payment method (Paypal or credit card).  We will need payment within 4 hours of your email, or the painting goes to the next person in line.  Thanks!
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  • Eric H.
    Posted at 13:38h, 30 September

    I absolutely love watching the 20 x 20 challenge.
    Many of the paintings make me think that I’m actually looking into Your (Drew’s) brain with the dreamscape style painting you have been doing. And to follow it up with your thoughts on the process while you’re doing it in the blog has been really informative. Even helping me to pull the images I see in my head down to paper.

    It’s also very cool to see you jump back-and-forth between the many styles you do. You make it seem effortless, even though I know there’s so much that goes into each painting.

    I also must say it was an impressive marketing move the 20×20. You two as a team are an inspiration to artists! Great way to keep the clients engaged!

    As always I hope all is well. Your friend, Eric
    Your Friend,

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