#50Paintings Day 1 of 50 – Making Friends

#50Paintings Day 1 of 50 – Making Friends

MakingFriends-Alien and dolphins by Drew brophy Oct 2015

FOR 50 DAYS, I’M CREATING 50 PAINT STUDIES that reflect 50 things that fascinate me. 

I’m painting whatever comes to me each morning when I begin the new painting for the day.  I’m just having fun going with it.  

You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

This painting is #1 of 50 in this #50Paintings series, titled MAKING FRIENDS – 9″x 12″ paint pen on canvas board.

This series is about 50 things that fascinate me; it’s an exercise of letting ideas flow free in quick paint studies.

I have always have been fascinated with aliens.

I started this painting this morning at my 2nd office, the San Clemente Pier.

As I watched the waves I imagined all the things that could hide in the ocean depths, I think of Aliens not in space but right here living in the ocean.

Maybe they will one day just walk out and say hi. Maybe they would be friendly.  Maybe dolphins are the aliens.

Maybe we are.

Drew Brophy painting at San Clemente Pier Oct 2015This painting study is available for purchase SOLD! To Christopher Goodwin of NY.

One of my goals with this series is to make original art affordable for those who want it.   If interested in adding this to your collection, please email info@drewbrophy.com or text or call 949-678-8133.

I hope you enjoy this series.  Thanks for reading!

Life is Good – Drew

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