Being the Expert – David Carson and You

Being the Expert – David Carson and You

del-mar-event-with-drew-and-sam-george80% of Success is Showing Up” Woody Allen

Are you ready to give a talk about your art to a hall filled with 5,000 people, who are there just to hear what you have to say?

Get ready, because it may be in your future.  And getting ready can take time, particularly if you aren’t fond of public speaking. 

Having the ability to give live demonstrations or speeches about your art is an important tool.  Not only are you able to give back to the community, but you also position yourself as an expert in what you do.  And people are more likely to buy art from an expert.

I was excited to discover that one of the graphic designers I greatly admire, David Carson, gave a speech at the very prestigious TED Event.  In order to be invited to speak at TED, you have to fall into the category of being both a brilliant mind and an expert in your field.

And this is what excited me most – that someone that I know (and have sold a painted surfboard to) would be invited amongst the likes of the world’s top scientists, psychologists, environmentalists, and entrepreneurs.

David Carson is best known for his innovative magazine design and use of experimental typography and he’s developed his signature style, using “dirty” type and non-mainstream photography.  He’s been dubbed “the father of grunge” and is possibly the most influential graphic designer of the last two decades.

Not only was David’s talk on “design and discovery” funny and informative, it demonstrated that being a seasoned speaker will elevate you to expert status.

David Carson regularly gives speeches on graphic design and his take on where it’s evolving.  Because David’s been speaking about art and design for so many years, he is great at it. 

I’ve known David for years, and though I’ve always thought very highly of him as an expert in what he does, I put him up a few more notches after seeing him speak.  And this is the power of public speaking.

Speaking to large groups is painful for many of us, but with a lot of practice, over time it gets easier and you get better at it.

Take every opportunity to share your knowledge with groups of people.  Practice getting comfortable with public speaking.  See yourself as the expert in what you do.  Everyone else will, too.  And when TED comes calling for you to speak, you’ll be ready.

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P.S.  To improve your public speaking skills, check out your local Toastmasters group.  It’s cheap, and it’s a warm, friendly environment in which to learn.  I’ve been a member of the Dana Point Coastmasters club for quite a few years, and I’ve learned how to be a better speaker.

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