Bob adds new life to an old Jacob’s pintail

Bob adds new life to an old Jacob’s pintail

Fishboard & BobBob Langston sent in photos of his first surfboard art after studying his Paint Pen Techniques DVD. He reports that he is anxious to get started on his next piece:

Hey Drew and Maria!fishboard

Thanks for the emails that you sent this past week! I really appreciate it. Y’all have such a great thing going with the surf art, I’m so proud of your accomplishments!! Your art is truly an inspiration. Rick Griffin would have been proud, Dude!!

After ordering your paint pen techniques dvd last month and studying it, I produced my first painting on a board this week. Attached are 3 pics (I painted it on a friend’s old yellowed Jacob’s 8′ pintail. Tomorrow I am going to be painting a psychedelic octopus, I’ll send you those pics when I’m done as well!

Thanks again for your willingness to share your paint pen methods, Drew.

fish_close_upI am so stoked about the ease in which the artwork is sealed too, I was amazed that Krylon Acrylic spray would do the trick, I was thinking that you would have to clear coat it with some resin or something. Indeed, the Krylon works just fine!!!!

Life IS good!!! Totally..


Bob Langston

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