Can you Paint Over the Stringer of a Surfboard?

Can you Paint Over the Stringer of a Surfboard?

ARTIST SHOOTQuestion from Alexa Case:  “I have an unglassed blank and i’m going to paint it (with acrylic) and I was told I couldn’t do it on the stringer. but your boards are painted over the stringer.  Did you just do it on top of the first coat of glass (I was planning on painting on the foam) ?”

When I used to airbrush and sponge-paint boards, most people asked to have their stringer taped off so it would have a clean look. But you don’t have to tape it off.  When I use the Poscas, I paint over the glass and spray clear coat over it. A lot of the time, when I paint over the stringer, it still shows through.  I don’t paint boards with acrylics, so I’m not sure how it will work.  I would recommend that you test a piece of foam first, and then have the laminator put resin over it to make sure it doesn’t react.   Good luck!

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