Continental Screwed us, so we went to Manhattan!

Continental Screwed us, so we went to Manhattan!

Continental Airlines IS SO MESSED UP!  BIG TIME!

We were flying home Monday from Myrtle Beach. Our first flight was 6 hours late, so we missed our connecting flight to LAX in Newark. Continental guy “Christopher” says “oh, we can’t get you out of Newark until Wednesday!”

And then proceeded to tell us that Continentals “only obligation to us is to get passengers from point A to point B safely” and not to do anything else, like, say, get us a place to sleep?

Oh, but our LUGGAGE made it to LA on Monday. So, we had to wear the same clothes for a few days…..BUT WE MADE THE BEST OF IT IN REGULAR BROPHY STYLE – WE rented a car, drove to Michael Jordan’s house in Rumsen, and spent the next day in N.Y. City!We visited the Museum of Natural History (couldn’t get Drew to leave the place – Wiggs and I were getting testy 3 hours into it). Then, Central Park , FAO Schwarz, rode the subway, Wiggs got his first ride in a Taxi….

Sooooo, Continental Airlines, you STINK, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway!

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