Get a Good Flesh Tone Color with Paint Pens

Get a Good Flesh Tone Color with Paint Pens

setsWhen your painting includes people, you want to get a good flesh tone color on the skin, which is not easy to do with bright colored paint pens.

I’ve had a lot of people write, asking if I was going to get  Tan Poscas on our website.  Poscas don’t come in Tan.  But here’s a great solution to getting a good flesh tone color for skin: 

The pens are made in Japan, and until recently, the labels have been written in Japanese, so the color I had been using all along for flesh tones, I thought was Tan.  Now that the pens come in English, I realize that what I thought was Tan was really Light Orange!

So, for flesh tones you can use Light Orange , it is really like a tan-peachy color.  Blend it with Brown and it works great. Sometimes I add White, and even a little Pink, to get just the right shade.  I hope this helps…..

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  • Artista
    Posted at 08:35h, 27 December

    Hi Drew .Thank you for your “Get a Good Flesh Tone Color with Paint Pens” advice. Im only now getting acquainted with paint PENS and i love it. In my art I specialize in portrait and so this topic is important to me. I will purchase this particular brand and color that you suggest. Ill give you my review later on my friend ,,Thank you and have a great 2011

  • Pierre Maton
    Posted at 02:10h, 21 September

    how do you do to fix the colors on a surfboard?
    thank you?

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