Jeff Cato’s Fire Breathing Sea Horse & Surfboard

Jeff Cato’s Fire Breathing Sea Horse & Surfboard


First of all, thanks for the inspiration.  I haven’t been involved in art for years until I saw some of your work in Surfer Mag.  Your technique gives a new meaning to surf art.  The paint pen technique is what got me interested again.  When I painted my surfboard I didn’t think I needed a DVD to accomplish what I wanted to do, but I bought it anyway (just in case.)  I have to say, I’m so glad I bought that because there are various applications before, after, and in between.  The preparation and finishing touches are things I wouldn’t ever think of.  Also, it gave me an insight to put some art on canvas (this I am really proud of).  It’s amazing what the DVD can teach…the little things matter the most.

Thank you,

Jeff Cato

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