Love Surf? Wallpapers 4 Your Iphone and IPOD

Love Surf? Wallpapers 4 Your Iphone and IPOD

mobile-wallpaper-thumbnailFinally, after a long process between our good friends at Start Mobile and Itunes (about a year, almost?) we now have Drew Brophy Art Wallpapers for all of you beach lovers!

Only $.99 through itunes – click here to get ’em.

Further Explanation For our techie-friends:  The mobile art gallery features a number of images created Drew, delivered as mobile wallpapers directly to the picture library of your device.  All the art wallpapers are optimized for mobile display, and the images included in the gallery can be ‘flipped’ to reveal additional information about the artist.

This application also includes a unique PICTURE FRAME feature. Simply tap the PLAY icon on the toolbar, and your mobile device is transformed into a digital picture frame which cycles through every image in the gallery at five-second intervals. The START MOBILE PICTURE FRAME over-rides the auto-lock setting so you can enjoy an arty slideshow while your device is docked and charging.

For more information on Drew, go to

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  • Christopher Wade
    Posted at 05:42h, 15 January

    Your art really inspired me, I had a lot of stickers with your painting. I said a lot because I don’t know how much great art you got out there but I have a book covered in and out with your work.

  • George
    Posted at 06:25h, 18 July

    When I try to download the wallpaper app for my iphone, I get a message that it’s not available in the US iTunes store. I also tried the Canada and UK store. Is this app still available?


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