NZTL 2022 Mount Awesome, Smelly Rotorua and THE CURSE

NZTL 2022 Mount Awesome, Smelly Rotorua and THE CURSE

mount-awesomeDrew’s curse continues – the waves have been either flat or extremely small.  I keep reminding him, when he gets depressed over it, that this a family vacation and that surf is only a bonus.  But nothing I say makes it any easier for him…
We’ve renamed Mount Manganui as MOUNT AWESOME, because it’s the most awesome town we’ve been to.  It’s a friendly little surf town nestled around the small mount.  Completely picturesque, and with loads of delicious cafes, we could live here easily.

Royce on his Triumph

After surfing small spunk waves in Mount Awesome, it was off to Rotorua, the geothermal wonder-land.  You can smell Rotorua before you even arrive – that awful rotten egg smell coming from the sulphurous pools of bubbling, boiling mud.  All over town, even in backyards, there are pools of boiling water and mud.  Quite a site to see!

The curse of small waves Mount Manganui

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Smelly Rotorua Waters


Hot Bubbling Rotorua Waters

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  • Paul(Trey)
    Posted at 17:53h, 27 February

    i am enjoying all of your photos and blogs. After letting my wife read your living the dream posting she has come on board in trying to do the same thing in our lives. So with in the next year and a half we should be on our way to a two week vacation to italy. So, thank you. I am looking forward to meeting all of you when your in florida. Take care. im super stoked for you three and godspeed on your journey back home.

  • Brooke Hargreaves
    Posted at 23:50h, 26 February

    It is such a beautiful place here. .. Pity about our waves most of the time — especially since our artificial reef down on Tay street is supposed to keep it pumping …. You can now see why I havent left this place after moving here 4 years ago! Hope the rest of the island is treating you well .. Its been great keeping track of where you are up to!
    Take care,
    Brooke – Surf Art NZ

  • Brian ILL
    Posted at 13:15h, 25 February

    New Zealand should thank Dylan Brophy for adding to their mountain ranges. Whatever he created there on the beach is quite impressive. He may need a building permit next time!

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