Surfing Van and Killer Art

Surfing Van and Killer Art

Posted on my Facebook Page:

Whats up Drew.  Also an East coaster here.  Here’s my most recent work in progress.

I was Inspired by your Van paintings and decided to just go for it on my own.  I’ll be finishing her up come springtime.

Your work forever changed the way I look at mine, and thats what it’s all about …

You give the gift of inspiration to thousands of people, so keep it up and keep it real my man.”   Greg Mills

Thanks, Greg, for sending the photo in.  Killer painting!

I was so excited when I had the opportunity to paint vans for Escape Camper Vans.  It was such a release to be able to paint anything I wanted on these blank canvases that would be rolling around all over America.

It’s been my plan all along that it would inspire other artists to paint their vans as well.

Greg did a killer paint job.  I love the paint on the headlight – wish I would have thought of that!

I hope to see more painted vans in the future.  But watch out – they get a lot of attention and you can’t ever lie about where you are…

Life is Good – Drew

Below are a couple slide shows – one of the vans I’ve painted for Escape Camper Rentals an the other is of my own van painting, the Brophy Dream Machine:


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