Tattoo Flash Brophy/Longnecker Collabro and Drew gives his 1st ink

Tattoo Flash Brophy/Longnecker Collabro and Drew gives his 1st ink

longnecker-and-brophy-5-hour-energy-tattoo-flash-april-2010-030If you can tattoo when you’re drunk, you can do it when your sober.”  Mark Longnecker

Famed tattoo artist Mark Longnecker came to town and all hell broke loose.  Three major things went down:

1 – Mark and Drew collaborated on a surf inspired tattoo flash collection for the Rock The Ink Convention

2 – Mark and Drew painted two Escape Camper Vans

3 – Drew gave his first ever tattoo – on Mark Longnecker’s calf!

Mark was here for only a week, but he and Drew managed to squeeze in about 20 days worth of work.  They burned the candle at both ends, working on tattoo flash in the studio until the wee hours of the night.  Then Drew decided to throw a wrench into it and agree to have them spend an entire day painting Escape Camper Vans.

Then it was onto the 3 day Rock the Ink tattoo convention.  And Drew’s never had a tattoo in his life.  But he fit right into this scene of art and creativity.

When the convention was slow and we all had a few beers, Mark said to Drew “Dude, you’re giving me a tattoo.  Right  here.”  He pointed to a spot on his calf that isn’t covered in ink already.  Drew said “No, no, no, I’ve never held a tattoo gun before.”  Mark insisted.  Drew tried to put it off until tomorrow.  Mark said “No, dude, you’re doing it right now.  I’ll walk you through it.”  Drew was nervous – Mark’s one of his best friends.  He didn’t want to ruin that!

With the help of tattoo artists Randy Harris (Tattoos by Randy) Caroline and Mark, Drew’s first ever tattoo turned out great.

Below are photos of the crazy week and a video of Drew giving his first tattoo to brave and crazy Mark Longnecker:



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  • squeezebox boom
    Posted at 03:07h, 28 July

    I love Mark’s work, this guy got some really hot tattoos lol. I wish the best for both of them. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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