The Big Drive to Surf Expo – Ca to Las Cruces day 1

The Big Drive to Surf Expo – Ca to Las Cruces day 1

day-1-drive-to-fla-ca-to-las-cruces-early-morningEvery person we told that we were driving to our Surf Expo EXHIBIT from California to Florida said “Wow, that’s crazy”.

 We started to realize, too late, that maybe we made a mistake committing to this drive.

But, in typical Brophy fashion, we said, “we can handle it.”  And so far, it’s been fun.  (so far….)


Gotta have Starbucks for the road!

Day 1 – Left San Clemente an hour later than planned – at 6:18. 

 The stop at Starbucks slowed us down, because we run into too many people we know there, and they all wanted to check out the van!

This sums up the Drive:

*Endless, straight roads

Saguaro Cactus Everywhere!

Saguaro Cactus Everywhere!

*Saguaro Cactus’ a plenty

*Mexican radio stations (our first few hours were literally a stones throw from the Mexican border)

*Dry dry dry dry HEAT

*We learned how to handle pulling a U-Haul trailer (somewhat)

*The coolest thing about driving this Escape camper van?  We converted the back so that we could take turns lounging on the queen sized bed.  Nice!


Somewhere along the Mexican Border!

Today’s mission:  Drive to Austin, Texas.  And we’ll be camping there.  Stay tune for future updates. 

And if you’re going to Expo, come and see us!

Maria & Drew

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