Painting the Yogurt Wave Mural

Painting the Yogurt Wave Mural


Our new clients, Yogurt Wave, came to Drew for help creating a cool atmosphere in their new store.

The owners, Kerry and Tommy, envisioned a fun spot where action-sports minded kids would want to hang out.

Drew was their man to make it happen with his vibrant, energetic artwork. First they commissioned Drew just to paint a 46′ wall mural for their location in Costa Mesa, CA. But as we started working on the sketches, they then asked Drew to re-create their logo for them.


We knew this one was going to be tricky, so we flew in expert reinforcement all the way from Spokane, Washington.  Her name is Katie Staib, and she’s had a lot of experience with difficult murals.  Katie has painted many murals on rickety old ladders to unite poor communities in Nicaragua.  So for her, this was going to be a breeze!

South end of the completed Yogurt Wave mural

The wall was in great shape, but with every big project, you’ll have adversity to deal with.  In this case, the challenges were three-fold:


  1. the wall was wavy, not flat, which added to the difficulty level
  2. the mural started over eight feet off the ground, which meant that Drew and Katie would have to paint the entire thing standing on scaffolding and ladders
  3. the sealing process went wrong at the end and turned a 6 day job into a 9-day job.

The plan was that the mural would be finished in 5-7 days.  And it was exactly 6-1/2 days to completion!

In the end, we had a beautiful mural and very happy clients.  Drew was happy, too.

yogurt-wave-logo-designed-by-drew-brophy-june-2010THE LOGO:

Drew doesn’t usually agree to do logo designs.  The main reason is that he does little work on the computer.  All of Drew’s designs begin life as a big painting and then are scanned…

The second reason is that Drew chooses to keep all his copyrights, but when you design a logo, obviously the client must have ownership to the copyrights.  But in this case we made an exception, because Yogurt Wave’s Tommy Bonacci was very persistent!

Drew designed the logo to have many different components that can be used together or separate.  This way the client can use just one component for napkins or cups or stickers or whatever. We outsourced the vectorizing of the logo to Al McWhite in South Carolina.  Why would we go so far to have it done?  Because Al’s the best, and only the best will do with our clients. As you can see, the logo looks awesome and it’s goes perfectly with the mural.  Drew’s stoked on how it all turned out.  And, we have a very happy customer, which is what we do this for.  Life is good!

YOGURT WAVE GRAND OPENING:  Was July 23rd, 2010.  They are located at 3941 S.  Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA (basically Costa Mesa) on Flower and Bristol, right across from South Coast Plaza.  Hope to see you there!

  • Warren Love
    Posted at 14:39h, 31 August

    Wonderful work! props to both Drew and Katie, i am upcoming mural artist , thanks for the pricing tips/guide i definitely need the help in pricing a wall space to be painted soon. Keep
    up the good stuff you are an inspiration. Peace.

  • Maria Brophy
    Posted at 19:47h, 09 September

    Thanks, Jennifer! So sweet of you to say!

  • Jennifer Lynne Seeley
    Posted at 19:28h, 09 September

    Good Day Maria,

    Thank you very very much for writing such awesome tips for artists. I really do love reading these wonderful pointers. It’s great that you share your experience to save other artists frustration and time. We all really do appreciate it. Thanks again.

    All the Best,
    * Jennifer

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