What I learned from painting one Paint Study a day for 50 days

What I learned from painting one Paint Study a day for 50 days

50 paintings 50 days some ready to ship to their buyers

“Do or Do Not – There is no Try”  Yoda

Back in November, I committed to painting one paint study, every single day, for 50 days.  I called it my “50 Fascinations” because it was a study in painting anything I wanted, the things that fascinate me the most.

Each morning I woke up and had to figure out what I would paint for the day.  Then, after I got it sketched on the canvas, Maria would email my private emailing list, showing them a photo of the painting in progress (and offering it for sale).  Then we would post the progress on Facebook and Instagram, and the final finished painting before the day ended.  Each evening, I would write a blog post about the painting of the day.

It’s been exactly a month since the series came to an end, and I want to give you an update (some have been asking).

But first – I would like one bit of feedback from you:  What was your favorite paint study? Please share in the comments and let me know.  (You can see all of them here on the blog, or for Instagram users, scroll through my IG feed here).


It was a challenge turning it “on” every day for 50 days, with no rest.  But with collectors on my private preview list as my accountability partners, I had to keep to the challenge.

When doing a painting series, there are always paintings that stand out among the others. Overall, I’m happy with every single one of them, though I do have my favorites. (I’ll share that with you another time, I don’t want to influence your favorite).

Most of my art sales come from commissions, which means I’m painting what I’m asked to. This series allowed me to do something I rarely get to do:  paint anything I want for 50 days.  (And we sold every single one of the 50 paintings)

So, I tried a lot of different techniques, such as a more painterly style, and some of the painting themes were “far out there”.   But most were my traditional surf style.

The biggest lesson I learned was to trust my gut and allow myself to be spontaneous.

I found that sometimes NOT trying too hard is the best thing I can do.

Just do, don’t try.  Let the painting take me where it wants to go.

Also, something I always say was reinforced through this process:  no matter what you create, there’s always going to be someone who loves it, and someone who hates it.  

I hope for the most part, you loved it all.  And I look forward to hearing what your favorite was.

Thanks for being a part of my story,

Life is Good – Drew

PS:  You can order a Limited Edition Print of any one of the Paint Studies here on my store (I hand sign each one).
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San Clemente, CA
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  • Chris G.
    Posted at 14:01h, 18 January

    Drew, I gotta say it’s hard to pick just one as a favorite. So I’ll give you my top3… Storms coming, Tahitian reef hut, and transformation. I want to let you know how much I appreciated your drive and commitment to taking on such monumental endeavor! During the whole process I would find myself checking my email constantly to see what was next. Thanks for always evoking the STOKE!

  • Emily
    Posted at 20:31h, 17 January

    Indeed Inner Guides was the best but I also felt emotional when seeing Lost in the Universe, Ocean Beach and Full Moon Tube.

    I just love your work and look forward to your continued creative efforts, especially in the realm of Sacred Geometry, we are all one!

    Infinite Love and Gratitude, Emily

  • Robin
    Posted at 20:30h, 17 January

    It was difficult to narrow down to one favorite painting. There are around 7 that I like the best. I like the variety. I like the many surf paintings and I like the more painterly- like the church and Catalina Island. I narrowed it to three favorites : #4 Blue Moon Tubes- It is beautiful and I like the simplicity of it, #9 space invaders- I guess I like the whimsical nature of it , #37 electric universe- It is so vibrant.
    Thanks for asking and keeping your fans involved!

  • Lorenzo D.
    Posted at 18:10h, 16 January

    My favorite was Surf Blimp

  • Shaney G.
    Posted at 20:32h, 15 January

    It’s so hard to choose. But I think I like Day Before the Swell the best. It really shows your signature style well. Also the Ballistic Missile painting is really nice too. The colors and the subject really pop.

    How hard was it to keep up the creative motivation for 50 days? Or is it a skill you’ve developed being a professional artist?

    Keep up the awesome work, Shaney from Alabama

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