8 Foot Eagle Painting in Victoria, BC – DAY 2

8 Foot Eagle Painting in Victoria, BC – DAY 2

eagle-in-the-city-day-2-drew-applying-paint-pen-colorDrew started painting the Eagle at 10:00 in the morning and kept  going until 6:00.  He took occasional breaks to sign prints.

We thought he’d have more color on it by the end of day 2, but we underestimated the size of the canvas.  It was a lot of white to cover!


Drew and Noelle painting the fish scales

Noelle helped Drew paint scales on the fish (being carried by the eagle).  It was fun to watch the painting take shape – definately, composition was key in the design of this painting. 


Drew signing Cali's poster

Drew loved the friendliness of everyone who came to watch.  Victoria is a city with great energy, happy people, people who love their lives and who appreciate the arts.

To see DAY 1 of the Eagle Painting, Click Here.

And to see the final, finished Eagle, come back for the next post! 

Thanks for watching – Drew and Maria

Drew and Maria in front of HtO

Drew and Maria in front of HtO Surf Shop

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