Eagle Painting Complete. Ommmmm.

Eagle Painting Complete. Ommmmm.

eagles-in-the-city-finished-finished-eagle-painted-by-drew-brophyTHE EAGLE HAS LANDED!

It was an adventure, this Eagle painting.

Drew thought he’d have it completely painted in 2-3 days.  (It took 5.)

(Drew figured if he can paint a van in one day, he could paint an Eagle in two….)

So, the lovely Noelle Quinn, owner of HtO Surf Shop (and sponsor of this Eagle for the Charity)  flew us up to Victoria for 5 days.

We were sure that 5 days would give us plenty of time for Drew to paint the Eagle, and still have time to surf and explore this beautiful area of south west Canada.

Here’s the layout of the adventure:

Being the outgoing artist that Drew is, he painted outside the shop on the sidewalk for 3 days, talking to the many passers-by that stopped to watch and ask questions.

That slowed him down!


Noelle, shooting Drew painting

What also slowed him down were the curves of the Eagle, and the loads of detail that he decided to include in the painting.  (It could have been simpler.)

By day 4, I started to worry.

But Drew needed a break from working, so on the fourth day, Mick took us on a drive in the middle of the day to show us the best surf spots in town.  Turns out, the drive to and back was over 5 hours!   (We lost some time on the painting, but well worth it.)

Boats on the Beach!

Boats on the Beach!


Drew, Powering late into the night

It was great fun – we went to a few great beaches, we made boats then floated them and Noelle’s boat lasted the longest in the waves.  (I was surprised at how cold it can be up there in the middle of June!)

We got back to HtO Surf Shop about 8 p.m.  Drew was against the clock, as this painting HAD to be done by 10 the next morning.  He said, “I’ll have to power this out all night.”


Mick and our midnight snack

We brought wine and cheese and crackers to the shop, and we all hung out until Drew “hit the wall” about midnight.

The next morning at 7 a.m. Drew was painting again, trying to finish before we had to leave for the airport.

He felt like he could have done more to perfect the painting, but we had to leave or we would miss our flight!

Everyone at HtO was stoked, loved the painting, and it was another mad dash to the airport!

Mick, being the Ozzie he is, got us there on time (what speed limit?) and he and Noelle saw us off.  Whew, we made it!


Brophys and the HtO Crowd with the finished painting


Drew designed the painting to “go with the flow” of the shape of the eagle.

He added in the “Om” symbol after the first day, when a yogi chick stopped to admire the artwork and suggested that Drew include the Om symbol in his painting.

The Om symbol represents the “sound of everything” according to some, and represents the “source of all manifest existence” to others, and there are other Hindu meanings as well.

You can see the Om symbol in the middle of the chest of the Eagle.  (See the top photo of the eagle showing the other side)

We hope you all enjoyed the journey of the Eagle.  Life is Good!  Drew and Maria

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  • andres grillet
    Posted at 09:52h, 31 July

    It’s always good to see your art.

  • Jay Alders
    Posted at 14:36h, 24 June

    Killer job Drew! I was looking at that blank eagle pic wondering what the heck you had planned…now seeing it finished , I must say how impressive we are! Bravo dude!!

  • Sly
    Posted at 11:06h, 24 June

    A masterpiece for sure ! Great job, amazing colors and wonderful outlines. I was looking forward to see the last step and watch the final result with the black lines since monday ! You rule, man.

  • stephen miller
    Posted at 10:16h, 24 June

    Wow – the colours and designs are over the top beautiful. Thanks for doing this and helping our Eagles in the City project which will raise money for services for children with disabilities. You and Noelle have truly made a difference.
    Stephen Miller
    Eagles in the City

  • Brian ILL
    Posted at 08:57h, 24 June

    Dude! This came out so good! It looks AWESOME!

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