Meet Drew Brophy – Interview with Sean O’Brian of Surf Expo

Meet Drew Brophy – Interview with Sean O’Brian of Surf Expo

Photo by AJ Neste

The Journey from South Carolina to Success as a Lifestyle Surf Artist – Drew Brophy interview with Sean O’Brien of Surf Expo.

Drew tells it like it is – and in my opinion this is the best interview he’s ever done as far as transparency…


When did you start to draw?

Drew Brophy: Way early. There‘s a picture of me at four years old with a Styrofoam surfboard and I have my crayons on it. The frustrating thing was when I was in High School, all the things I was good at weren’t important. Surfing and art weren’t important to the school system—or really to anybody. You’re sitting there in South Carolina and everyone’s into hunting and football—you’re just lost.

I remember my High School guidance counselor saying, “Drew, what are you going to do? You just can’t surf and do art for the rest of your life.” I just thought to myself, “Well, that’s exactly what I want to do.”

So the first thing I did after graduation was go to Puerto Escondido. I wanted to surf giant waves. I got noticed, however, because of the art on my boards. I had been painting boards for friends back home and painting for the…

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