San Diego Catches Creative Wave with The Paint Shop TV Series – Press Release

San Diego Catches Creative Wave with The Paint Shop TV Series – Press Release

Drew Brophy at work Photo by Aaron Bickford


San Diego Catches a Creative Wave with

THE PAINT SHOP TV Series with Surf Artist Drew Brophy

(Newport Beach, California) June 1, 2011 –

Crystal Cove Media is pleased to announce that the newly popular show, THE PAINT SHOP WITH DREW BROPHY, will now air in San Diego, California on Cox Channel 4.  This addition brings the number of households that The Paint Shop airs to over 3.2 million.

THE PAINT SHOP is a strikingly honest, inspirational show that reveals what really happens behind the scenes of a Surf Lifestyle Artist.  Drew Brophy takes the viewer through the process of an art project from start to finish, beginning with the first meeting with a collector, the sketch and painting process, and finally, the great reveal at the end.  Each segment captures the joy brought to clients through artwork as well as the complications that a working artist encounters.

Produced by Crystal Cove Media of Newport Beach, and created by art marketing expert Maria Brophy, THE PAINT SHOP gives viewers an unscripted peek into the working life of surf artist Drew Brophy, along with guest artists and professional athletes that appear in each episode.

Maria Brophy explained how she came up with the show idea, “There are so many negative messages on tv right now.  I wanted to create a new format, one which is real, but focuses on uplifting and positive messages.  This enables us to share the joy as well as the real challenges that an artist encounters, and the lessons learned.

Dispelling the stereotype of a “starving artist,” THE PAINT SHOP demonstrates that being a professional artist is a viable career.  The show takes place in San Clemente, California, and incorporates real life interactions between Brophy, his business partner wife, Maria, and their clients.

Drew Brophy says of the show, “I want people to know what really goes on with the business of art and I want to inspire others with the idea that they can do it, too.

Brophy has been a professional artist for over twenty years.  An avid surfer and world traveler, Brophy exploded on the surf art scene in the late 1990’s with his wild surfboard paintings.  He says of his profession; “It’s my job to make things look cool.”

The first episode titled CRUISERS, SKULLS & CHAINS takes you through the steps of Brophy designing and creating huge, eight foot paintings to be used for his signature beach cruiser bikes.  The guest segment features world famous surfing legend Gerry Lopez as he stops by the studio and asks Drew to paint his surfboard.  Drew nonchalantly picks up a palm branch and uses it as a stencil to create a beautiful painting on the spot.  A third segment breaks down an easy way to paint a used surfboard with spray paint, stencils and chains.

Executive Producer and Co-Creator Brian ILL has spent the last three years documenting Brophy’s projects.  He says “When I spend a day with Drew I always learn something.  I’ve used the things I’ve learned from him in my own life, and that’s what I want for the viewing audience. I want to present the experience accurately, so that the audience feels like they are also gaining something from spending a day in the life of Drew.”

THE PAINT SHOP can be seen in San Diego County every week on Cox Channel 4 every Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

For show times in other Southern California locations, go to for listings.

More about Drew Brophy Properties: Drew Brophy has been a professional surf lifestyle artist for over twenty years and is represented by Son of the Sea, Inc.  Brophy has over thirty active licensees and hundreds of collectors of his original works.  Contact or

More about Crystal Cove Media, LLC: Crystal Cove Media is a video production company specializing in film, television, and web broadcasting. Our company houses some of the most talented television and film industry professionals working together to create dynamic video productions for any media. Contact:

More about Executive Producer and Co-Creator Brian A. ILL:  Brian is an Executive Producer, Writer, and Director for television and film.  Brian is Executive Producer and creator of the television series BEACH TOWN and has produced content for ABC, Disney, Touchstone Pictures, Discovery Channel, MTV, Turner Broadcasting, Travel Channel, Military Channel, Tru TV, Fuel TV, and many more.  With 15 years experience in the music industry as a composer, producer, and multi-instrumental studio musician, Brian also composes music for television and film.

More about Executive Producer and Creator Maria Brophy: Maria is an artist’s advocate and writes articles to help creative people design the lifestyle of their dreams at  Maria has managed the business and licensing program for Drew Brophy and other artists for almost a decade.  Contact

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