Why I’m Giving Away my Surfboard Painting Process using Posca Paint Pens

Why I’m Giving Away my Surfboard Painting Process using Posca Paint Pens

I’ve been painting a lot of surfboards lately. 

I love it because it’s where I started with art 30 years ago – and it takes me around the world surfing and meeting cool people.

In September I traveled Indonesia, surfing and painting boards.  That surf trip evolved into a month-long Posca painting workshop party!   

Everywhere I went, people asked me to show them how to paint with Posca Paint Pens.  Kids, surfers, old guys, everyone was joining in on painting.

I’ll tell you more about Indo later, but for now, I want to tell you about my online Posca surfboard painting courses and WHY I’m giving away my painting process in both a FREE  intro version as well as an in-depth PAID version.

It’s because I love sharing the stoke of art, and I know without a doubt that the Posca painting process that I use can literally change people’s lives. 

My goal has always been to share my process with everyone who wants it.

But, there was one problem and that was:  how could I reach ALL the people that want to know how?

For years I’ve had people ask a ton of questions about painting boards:

  • How do you prepare the surface before painting?
  • What’s the best medium to paint a surfboard?  
  • How do I find ideas for my sketch?
  • How do you seal the painting so it never washes off the surfboard? 
  • What sealer do you use?

There are so many peeps asking questions that I stopped trying to answer them one-on-one because it’s not possible to answer hundreds of questions a week.

And then my wife Maria and I figured out HOW to reach all of those people:  we invested in a film crew and a new website and we created a very in-depth video course on How to Paint A Surfboard.  It took months to develop and now you can get it here.

BUT, we found that sometimes people aren’t ready to dive totally in and take the course, they just want one question answered.

So, then I developed something for those who aren’t ready to invest in a complete course:  a FREE INTRO to painting a surfboard – a 14 day e-mail course that gives the basics.  You can access that HERE.

I have a favor to ask:  If you you or someone you know has an interest in learning how to paint surfboards the right way, using a medium and process that lasts decades, please share the links in this email to both the FREE INTRO E-Course and the In-Depth Course .

I want to get these courses out into the world in a big way, and your help would be appreciated.

LEAVE A COMMENT if you have any questions about my surfboard painting courses.  I’d love to hear from you.

Life is Good – Drew

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