NEW RELEASE – Metatron’s Cube Artwork on Premium Italian Glass Water Bottles

All living things possess the magical ingredient called water, making it the most important substance to life on earth   ANNOUNCING:  Release of METATRON’S CUBE art on premium Italian glass water bottles.  (And a FREE PINT GLASS if you order this week!) My Water Gallery produces  glass water bottles that beautifully displays the artwork of Wyland and […]

NEW RELEASE – Sunrise Artwork on Premium Italian Glass Water Bottles By My Water Gallery

Surfing is an organic experience that allows you to ride the energy of a wave of water that has traveled thousands of miles. I want to announce the release of our new Italian premium glass water bottles: Years ago Maria and I gave up single use plastic water bottles. We did it for our health and for the […]

Licensing Story: Soul Surf and Smiles Checks, Address Labels by Check Advantage

If you’re going to write checks, they might as well be cool ones, right? Apparently, people are still writing checks.  Check Advantage, the maker of check books and address labels, has grown greatly every year during this down economy. They called and wanted to do a licensing deal for checks and address labels.  Maria was stoked, […]

Licensing Story – Sandalista Sandals with Lifestyle Art

One of my newest license deals is with a custom flip-flop company called Sandalista. (See the official Press Release here) They create print-on-demand sandals and have an awesome printing process, which works great with the bright colors in my art. They started with a dozen of my designs, and I’ll be adding new ones every […]

Brophy Converse Chuck Collection has Arrived!

We are so excited to announce the new Brophy Converse Chuck Collection! Drew’s always telling people to paint their own stuff and customize their lives.  Converse shoes are a great way to do that. And, if you want Drew’s art on your shoe, now you can have it. When Drew was a kid, he’d doodle […]