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45 of 50 Paint Studies in 50 Days BANZAI PIPELINE GREATEST SHOW ON SURF by Drew Brophy Dec 9 2015FOR 50 DAYS, I’M CREATING 50 PAINT STUDIES that reflect 50 things that fascinate me.

This is #45 of 50 in the #50Paintings Paint Studies series.  Only 6 left to go!


SIZE:  11″x 14″ paint pen on Fredrix Pro Archival Canvas Board.

This time of year, each year, they hold the Pipeline Masters Surf Contest on the North Shore of Oahu.

Pipeline is one of my favorite waves to surf. I used to live right in front of the break and surfed it every day.

It’s a critical wave, super dangerous, but so perfect. And as a spectator, it’s the best show on surf.

This painting study is available – SOLD to Aaron of Salem, OR.  It’s his first original piece of my work.

One of my goals with this series is to make original art affordable for those who want it.   If interested in adding tomorrow’s to your collection, please email or text or call 949-678-8133 asap!

I hope you enjoy this series.  Thanks for reading!

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Drew Brophy
Artist, illustrator, surfer
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