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The Halibut Hole by Drew Brophy 9x12 painted during 20x20 challenge sept 23 2013FOR THE NEXT 20 DAYS, I’M CREATING 20 ORIGINAL ART PIECES that reflect my thought process and where my ideas originate from.  

I’m painting from the heart, just having fun with it.  You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

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Today’s Painting is the 7th of 20 in this #20×20 Series, titled THE HALIBUT HOLE,  9″ x 12″ on Canvas board, medium Paint Pens.

I’m having a lot of fun painting these every day.  Painting on a small canvas is helping me to create a simpler style.  Thanks to everyone who has been watching this process unfold.

I like the energy in this one!

The inspiration behind The Halibut Hole:

There’s a secret spot in San Clemente called The Halibut Hole.  Standup paddleboarders have been paddling out there and catching giant halibut.

The water was super clear today, it’s almost unfair, because you can see the halibut laying on the bottom, they’re so big.

Life is good in San Clemente!


This painting sold before it was finished, to N.P. in Orange County.

If you wanted this one but missed it, and you want to consider the next #20×20 painting, email info @ drew brophy dot com and we will put you on the “#20X20 PAINTING PREVIEW” list, in line for the next one.

WHEN EMAILING to BUY ONE OF THE #20X20 PAINTINGS:  email info @ drew brophy dot com immediately with your  phone#, shipping address preferred payment method (Paypal or credit card).  We will need payment within 4 hours of your email, or the painting goes to the next person in line.  Thanks!