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Fall Camp Out at Uppers 20x20 PAINTING 12 x 16 canvas board by Drew Brophy Sept 2013FOR THE NEXT 20 DAYS, I’M CREATING 20 ORIGINAL ART PIECES that reflect my thought process and where my ideas originate from.  

I’m painting from the heart, just having fun with it.  You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

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Today’s Painting is the 8th of 20 in this #20×20 Series, titled FALL CAMP OUT AT UPPERS,  12″ x 16″ on Canvas board, medium Uni Poscas Paint Pens.

I saw a photo of a giant bonfire on the beach.  It reminded me of the kind that you have as a kid, and you just throw every log you can find on it.

It was cool this morning, the first day of fall.   This time of year I love to spend the late afternoons surfing until the sun goes down. Sometimes we build fires to keep warm after being in the ocean.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could camp out at Upper Trestles and surf the first Northwest swells into the night?  With nothing but a huge bonfire to light the way…

The dream surfer in the painting represents all the great waves that have been ridden at Uppers.  He’s like a ghost-surfer in the sky.

I hope you like it.  Life is good,


This painting sold to art collector Kat from San Clemente.

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