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Drew and the 2011 Trip Series Original Painting

Here’s the great thing about having long-term relationships with clients:  You develop a history over time, and before you know it, you’ve created many cool projects over the course of almost 2 decades.

That’s how it’s gone with Drew and Jimmy Redmon at Liquid Force Wakeboards.

Drew said he loves working with Liquid Force because “they aren’t scared to do something wild or different.”

And as Jimmy Redmon told me, he started working with Drew because “Drew was creating stuff that no one else was.  His style was unique.”

They’ve always allowed Drew to go crazy with the artwork, and as all artists know, when you have the freedom to paint what lights your fire, you can create awesome, radical art.

Drew’s first design for Liquid Force was in 1997 for their revolutionary Trip series (Liquid Force was the first makers of the multi-fin board – they changed everything in wake boarding!)  That was almost 15 years ago! (more…)