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22 of 50 Paintings by Drew Brophy LOST IN THE UNIVERSE Nov 16 2015FOR 50 DAYS, I’M CREATING 50 PAINT STUDIES that reflect 50 things that fascinate me.  

You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

This painting is #22 of 50 in the #50Paintings series.


SIZE:  9″x 12″ paint pen on Fredrix Pro Series Archival Canvas Board.

When I was young I felt that I was bright light in a dark world, I could see that out in this world not every glow of light was the same, some were bright, some dim. I could see some lights sucking the energy from the weaker lights. Some extinguishing lights all together as their own goes out in gasp of pain.

I have always tried to share and give my light, often leaving me drained. Most of this time through out my life I have felt lost at sea or confused in this Universe of lights.

In this time I have always felt like I was ready for anything, yet the universe seems indifferent to your triumphs, hardships, and pain, it just stares ominously.

I feel that I see an even brighter light, like a ship in a storm at sea, getting closer. In my heart I feel it does not see me, or it does not realize who we are. It just stares at me as it pulls away. Why did it leave me here? As I look out in the darkness, I search for light, I want to nurture it, help it grow. I want a world full light, so next the ship comes it will see us all.

*I’m making 20 signed, limited  and numbered edition prints of most of the paintings in this series – if interested in getting one, email info@drewbrophy.com or call 949-678-8133.

This painting study is available for purchase SOLD to TJ in Long Beach, NY.  It’s his first original painting of mine.  Stoked he got it!

One of my goals with this series is to make original art affordable for those who want it.   If interested in adding tomorrow’s to your collection, please email info@drewbrophy.com or text or call 949-678-8133 asap!

I hope you enjoy this series.  Thanks for reading!

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