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We named our new van “The Dream Machine” for two reasons:

  1. We intend to “live the dream life” of adventure with it, and
  2. We were inspired by Shaggy & Scooby’s Mystery Machine!

The Dream Machine not only gets a lot of attention, but it also brings up a lot of questions, like “what kind of paint did you use” and “how did you seal it” and “did you really want it to look like that?!”

Drew was kind enough to want to share these answers and more.  Read his “tutorial” below: (more…)

Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine did a feature on Drew’s painting of one of the Escape Camper Vans.  (Buy your copy here.)

We were stoked about the article, however, they omitted photo credit to Michael R. Foley, who took all of the amazing photos.  So we are giving Mike his credit due right here!


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley