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LOVE SHACK by Drew Brophy 8x10 Canvas Board 20x20 Series Oct 2013 sFOR 20 CONSECUTIVE DAYS, I’M CREATING 20 ORIGINAL ART PIECES that reflect my thought process and where my ideas originate from. 

I’m painting from the heart, just having fun with it.  

You might love ’em, you might hate ’em, but either way, I hope they invoke a feeling for you.

This Painting is #18 of 20 in this #20×20 Series, titled LOVE SHACK , 8″ x 10″ on Canvas Board, medium Uni Poscas Paint Pens.

My 20 Paintings in 20 Days had a hiccup on Friday, when we left town to go camping and paddleboarding for 3 days.

There wasn’t a working wifi connection where we were (there was supposed to be, but it didn’t work.)

Before getting on the road, I was running around like crazy tying up loose ends and getting obligations taken care of.

This painting, LOVE SHACK, was the vision of what I was wishing I was doing instead of the last minute hustle before leaving.

Do you like LOVE SHACK?  Leave me some feedback in the comments, please.  Your feedback is very important to me.
Drew Brophy painting at Newport Dunes Campground Oct 2013Thanks! Life is Good,  Drew


This painting is available for purchase!  SOLD to Joe S. from San Clemente (Joe has bought other paintings from me as well.  He’s got quite the collection going).

If you want to consider the next #20×20 painting, email info @ drew brophy dot com and we will put you on the “#20X20 PAINTING PREVIEW” list, in line for the next one.

*I’m accepting 20 commissions to follow on the heels of this 20×20 series, at excellent prices!  Email info@drewbrophy.com for the commissioned 20×20 pricing.

WHEN EMAILING to BUY ANY OF MY ART, or to Commission me to paint one special, just for you:  email info @ drew brophy dot com with your  phone# and shipping address.