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Drew's Pirate in Glass by Kyle Hunter Goodwin

Drew's Pirate in Glass by Kyle Hunter Goodwin

One of the greatest things about growing older is you get to witness your friends becoming successful and growing in their craft.  It’s fun to reminisce about where you came from and how far you’ve come.

Kyle Hunter Goodwin is someone that we’ve watched hone his talent through the years.  His glass works have become more detailed, refined and beautiful as time passes.

We got to know Kyle  many years ago when we were planning the Sea Monster Ball.  It was a group art show, curated by me and Drew, and put on at the very beautiful ocean front Ocean-Institute. We asked Kyle to be one of the artists exhibiting and he flew out from Florida to join us.  Since then, we’ve all come a long way in our careers, and we’ve kept in touch. Recently Kyle asked if he could take one of Drew’s pirate paintings and re-create it in glass.  Of course, we were ecstatic at the idea!

It’s amazing how Kyle could take Drew’s painting (below) and create this beautiful glass piece from that.  It’s for sale, you can buy it by contacting Kyle directly at 352-213-3998.

Pirate painting by Drew Brophy

Pirate by Drew Brophy

Go to his website at www.hunterglass.com and check out some of the awesome glasswares and art available.  You will love his work!