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Drew in Puerto - Photo by Saul Vasquez

Surfboards just break here….”

Today was the first day of the Central Surf Pro Stand Up Paddle Surf Contest in Puerto Escondido, Zicatela Beach.

The contest is scheduled to run from 7 a.m. to noon every day.

The waves were about 6 feet and glassy – the swell is expected to pick up tomorrow and Sunday, so we should be getting some giant tubes, which is what I live for.

Scott Chandler, California big wave charger and shaper, got a perfect 10 in today’s heat, and one of the best barrels I’ve ever seen!

Puerto Beauty Photo by Angel Salinas


Boards just break here...

Puerto Escondido is living up to it’s reputation with big tubes and snapping boards and paddles in half.

Surfboards just break here….

It’s so hot  and humid, it’s unbelievable.  By 11:30 a.m. you’re melting, and unless you’re out surfing, you have to go indoors to escape the oven.

After the contest I had a great breakfast with Carlos from Acapulco, popped a MegaFood supplement, then went back out for another surf.

There’ll be another update tomorrow.  I got some great photos and will post them all later.

Contest begins again at 7 a.m. – praying for big surf.

To see photos and live action of the contest, go to in the morning Sat & Sun.

Life is Good!  Drew