Sunset Kelp Tag

SUNSET KELP Painting on Surfboard By Drew Brophy Feb 2014One of my favorite things about surfboard paintings is making an art piece/sculpture that reflects 25 years of being a production surfboard painter.  (Order your Commissioned Surfboard Painting here)

This painting, titled SUNSET KELP was painted on a 7’0” single fin swallow tail shaped by Ron House, with red tinted pigment.

SUNSET KELP surfboard art was inspired by the reefs off of San Clemente that I paddled two days before designing this painting. The water was ultra clear, and there were more garibaldi fish than I’ve ever seen before.

It was a beautiful sunset that afternoon.  The only thing missing was giant waves. So I used my imagination and painted what I wished the waves looked like.

My best work comes from this type of encounter.  The painting flows easily when I’m inspired by real events.  I don’t mock them up with computers.  I don’t try to impress anyone with fancy embellishments.

I just love to surf and surfboards have been my canvas since the beginning.

This surfboard was a commissioned piece for a video game designer named Colm.  Colm loves surfing and fish.  He and his wife, Yumee, met me about ten years ago when I did a live painting at a surf shop in Santa Cruz.  I used to tour surf shops all over the world and leave a little piece of my art with the community.  I met Colm and Yumee way back then and gave them a poster, and that day they decided that they wanted to own one of my original boards one day.

Maria and I hand delivered the painting to Yumee.  She surprised Colm with it for his birthday.  He was so stoked, he sent us a picture of him with it!  Colm Nelson and his Birthday Surfboard painting by Drew Brophy Feb 2014

Life is good,  Drew

SUNSET KELP Surfboard Painting Feb 23 2014 in Progress by Drew Brophy