Drew’s Influence

We are taking THE PAINT SHOP TV SHOW live to Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo this weekend in Santa Cruz!

Two painting demonstrations will be given by Drew and filmed on-site for our show THE PAINT SHOP WITH DREW BROPHY.

Drew’s demonstrations are designed to share surfboard painting techniques that can be used by both the novice and the experienced artist.

Sat. March 19 Noon to 1:00 p.m: Drew will give a Graffiti-style painting demonstration and will show how to customize your own surfboard with a few cans of spray paint and stencils. Demonstration will be held at the SurfAide Shaping Bay.

Sun. March 20 Noon to 1:00 p.m: Drew demonstrates his medium of choice, Uni-Posca paint pens, on surfboards. He will share tried and true techniques and will discuss preparation, composition, color blending, and sealing.


One Drew Brophy art print will be given on-site to each person who confirms attendance to Drew’s demos by March 18. (Prints priced at $20.00 for everyone else).

To get your coupon, e-mail your name to info@thepaintshop.tvand confirm your attendance to Drew’s demonstration.  A coupon for the free print will be emailed to you.

Drew will discuss how you can have a viable career painting surfboards, and how retailers can increase sales with surfboard art.  Bring your questions!  This demonstration will be held in Drew Brophy’s booth #B8.

WHO: Any surfer or artist who wants to learn new techniques or has aspirations of a career painting surfboards, and for those who shape or sell surfboards.

WHERE: The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard EXPO held at the Rittenhouse Building, downtown Santa Cruz, CA.  INFO: www.surfboardshow.com.

WHEN: Demos held Saturday and Sunday, March 19 and 20, from Noon to 1:00 pm.

COST: Sacred Craft Entrance fee is $10.00.  Demonstrations are FREE with admittance.

Drew Brophy Surfboard Stands at Hard Rock Casino, Las VegasWe got this question from an artist in Hawaii:

Hi. I’ve been asked to paint on a used board. I’m just not sure how to price it. Can you recommend a starting range. Should I just price it like a regular painting? Thanks for your help!  Aloha, Kara

Kara, this is a great question, and I think that surfboard artists everywhere should somehow format a similar pricing structure.

First, make up a price sheet for yourself.  Second, be sure to charge extra for used boards, because more time is involved to prepare them for painting.

And to answer the part of the question about “Should I price it like a regular painting?”:  We have two different price sheets for painted surfboards.  One for real art, and one just for board decoration.

REAL ART TO HANG ON THE WALL: The first price sheet is for true pieces of art that will be hung.  These are priced like any painting and pricing begins at $3,500.00 (includes the board) and goes up to $20,000, depending on the size and complexity of the subject matter.

BOARD DECORATION: This second price sheet is for all surfboard paintings that are meant to decorate a board that will be ridden.  The board is supplied by the customer.

Pricing for this starts at $75.00 and can go up to $2,000, depending on the size of the board, the painting, and the complexity.

What you get for $75.00 is what we call a small board “tattoo”.  Usually a little “hit” painted on the rail, or a small character or wave on the nose of the board.

What you get for $120 is a larger painting, still on the nose or a small section of the board, but of greater complexity, like a beach scene or a sexy mermaid.

Most of our customers ask for a $250 paint job, which covers about a third to half of the surfboard and is a beautiful painting that they can proudly show off when surfing.

A full board painting, of course, will cost in the $500 – $2,000 range.

REGARDING PAYMENT: Make sure that payment is made at the time that the board is picked up.  No board leaves our studio unless I’ve been paid in full (cash preferably).

CHARGE EXTRA FOR USED BOARDS: We require that they bring it with wax completely scraped off.  We also add $20.00 for used boards, because even with the wax cleaned off, it takes a lot of extra time prepping it for painting to remove the residue.

MAKE A PRICE SHEET that details the different painting prices for different types of board decoration.

I wish you the best of luck!  Please, feel free to ask any other questions on this topic.  We’re here to help.

spunk-brophy-head-shotMaria “Spunk” Brophy xxoo

PS:  Check out my business blog for artists www.mariabrophy.com

(c) Rick Rietveld

(c) Rick Rietveld

Rick and Natalie Rietveld were heroes to us.  We would visit their booth at trade shows where they marketed their clothing company.

Rick’s art was colorful and wild, like Drew’s but in a different style.  We envied their family owned business, one that printed Rick’s art on high-end men’s shirts, tees and board shorts.

I would call Natalie every now and again and ask art business advice.  She was a tough lady, and I admired that.  She taught me what to expect out of clients and how to get it. (more…)

camryn-manheim1In May of 2009 Camryn Manheim, a professional actress (star of “The Practice”), gave a commencement address to students at College of the Arts.

Her speech inspired artists of all kinds, so much so that an outline of her speech has been circulated online.

(I don’t know where this outline originally came from.  If you know, please tell me and I’ll give proper credit.)

Camryn shares a philosophy that has enabled her to find success (more…)